What is Pellet Machine?

pellet machine ring die
Pellet machine - ring die type
pellet machine flat die
Pellet machine - flat die type

Ring Die and Flat Die Pellet Machine
Pellet mill is a machine that produces agricultural and forestry wastes like sawdust, straw, rice husk and other biomass materials into biomass pellets for biofuel or feed. Pellet making machine uses high temperature and pressure to pretreat and process those materials and solify them into pellet fuels, which is the ideal fuel replacing fossil fuels. The main parts of pellet machine are die and roller, under their cooperation, materials go into the die hole from one side and come out from the other side, finally, become biomass pellets.


There are two types of pellet machines, flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine. The former is generally used in small-scale production, like household use, while the latter is mainly used in complete production like factory.


Pellet Mill Capacity:

Ring Die Pellet Machine(single machine,raw material is sawdust):1.2-1.5t/h
Flat Die Pellet Machine(single machine,raw material is sawdust):50-800kg/h
Note: If the materials are different, there wil be affirmative and negative difference. For example, when the raw material is straw, the output of ring die pellet machine reaches 2t/h. besides, both of the ring die pellet machine and flat die pellet machine  can realize multi-machines parallel production.

Pellet Mill for sale

We are both supplier and manufacturer, who has been in the biomass pellet mill industry for more than ten years. Our pellet mills are sold to the whole world. The pictures below show the delivery scenes.
flat die pellet machine shipments1flat die pellet machine shipmentsflat die pellet machine shipments3flat die pellet machine shipments4flat die pellet machine shipments5
Small pellet machine delivery scene
ring die pellet machine delivery1ring die pellet machine delivery2ring die delivery3ring die pellet machine delivery4ring die pellet machine delivery5
Large pellet machine delivery scene

Pellet Mill - Biomass Pellets

Typically, changing the size of pellet mill die hole and the compression ratio can produce the pellets with the diameter between 2.5-10mm. Actually, no matter they are for private use or for sales, the main stream of pellet products are 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm.
biomass pellets 6mm & 8mm biomass pellets 10mm & 12mm
ABC Machinery provides the conventional equipments, besides, we can also cumtomize the molds for our costomers according to their requirements.

Advantages of Pellet Machine

Biomass Pellets Usages

biomass pellets usages    biomass pellets application
Biomass energy as the fourth largest energy plays an important role in the world, especially for the biomass pellets. With the development of the pellet production and the increasing of the pellet users, the range of pellet usage becomes broader and broader.
Biomass pellets can be applied in many aspects: combustion, feed, etc. From the aspect of combustion, pellet as the substitute of traditional fuels like coal, oil, gas, etc, can be used in generation of electric power, district heating and cooling system, industrial boiler and cooking, etc. The pellet mill can produce different types of pellets, like 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. Those different types of pellets can be used in household pellet stove.
large pellet mill

Ring die pellet mill for sale with high quality and low price! Which is large type for large pellet production plant to help you build your own pellets business....

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small pellet mill

Flat die pellet mill is small type for small pellet production line or household use. There are D-type and R-type small pellet mills with all driving force. ...

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