What is Large Pellet Mill?

ring die pellet mill

Ring die pellet mill belongs to large pellet mill, and it is the main part of complete pellet plant. Ring die pellet mill consists of two main parts, die and roller. The die is a circular ring, and the roller is inside of the die. When it is running, materials falling into the ring die are pressed by the roller into die holes, and come out from the outside of the ring die, finally, pellets are finished.

Ring die pellet mill is usually used in large scale complete pellet production line.

ABC Machinery is producing commercial large scale pellet mill. we have rich experience in building biomass pellet production line. we have professional sales men, engineers and professional techonical specialists forming a professional team, and we will help you to solve all the problems from transportation, installation, debugging, staff training, etc.

The following detailed drawings come from Italy sawdust pellelt project.
ring die pellet mill flank
Ring Die Pellet Mill Flank
ring die pellet mill inside
Ring Die Pellet Mill Inside
ring die pellet mill behind
Ring Die Pellet Mill Behind

Parameter of Ring Die Pellet Mills

Model Capacity (kg/h)
Main Motor (kw) Feeding Motor (kw) Forced-feeding
Motor (kw)
Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
BPM35 500-800 30*2 0.75 0.75 2150*1950*1900 2200
BPM420 1200-1500/1500-2000 90 1.5 3 2600*1000*2000 3400
BPM508 1500-1800/2000-2500 110 1.5 3 2990*1200*2410 4500


Advantages of ABC Large Pellet Mill

  1. Ring die pellet mill adopts chromium alloy steel materials, improving the corrosion resistance and abrasive resistance.
  2. Ring die pellet mill is large-scale pellet making machine, which is usually used in industrial pellet production, especially for production line. Besides it can be also used by individuals for single machine.
  3. Ring die pellet mill adopts uniform speeding forced feeding machine, which greatly improves the production efficiency.
  4. High-precision gear transmission effectively improves the transmission efficiency compared with the belt transmission, saving energy.
  5. The special lubrication system allows to lubricate the machine while it is running.
  6. Ring die pellet mill can produce many kinds of materials, such as logs, wood chips, twigs, wood sawdust, palm fibers, peanut shells, corn stalks, and other biomass materials.
  7. There are less wear and tear on the ring die pellet mill because the outer and inner distances of roller on the die are the same.
  8. Pellets produced by ring die pellet mill have a relatively smooth surface and high density for the ring die pellet mill gives the materials a larger pressure.
  9. Ring die pellet mill is cost-effective, the price is reasonable and it can also produce more profits during the long service life time.
  10. The imported bearing and oil seal improves the production efficiency, stability and reduces the noise.
  11. The new type of ring die pellet mill of ABC Machinery uses the lowest energy to make greater production (it can achieve the result of 110kw of power with only 90kw ). 

Raw Materials & Product Usages of Ring Die Pellet Mill

Large pellet mill primarily produces wood pellets, and the raw materials can be wood logs, wood chips, sawdust, twigs and other wood materials. It can also process the materials like agricultural wastes, palm fiber, peanut shells, etc.
The finished products like wood pellets, sawdust pellets and straw pellets, etc are used in industrial boiler, central heating, fireplace, power station and elsewhere.
Usually, the users to purchase large pellet mill is for pellets business, besides, ring die pellet mill is also used in the production line.
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