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Why Chose Biomass Pellet Mill or Briquette Machine?

Biomass energy, as a kind of renewable clean energy, catches people’s attention tightly, among which the biomass pellets and briquettes are used in industrial boilers and household heating. In America, it is predicted by Biomass Power of America that global biomass fuel market will increase from $572.9 billion to $693.7 billion between 2010 to 2015, of which the compound average growth rate is up to 3.9%. EU promises that the proportion of renewable energy will be increased to 20%, and the market demand for biomass pellets grows 20% each year. It is predicted that the demand for biomass pellets will be increased from 6 million tons to 40 million tons in Europe. Some Europe countries have set up technical support and project development company and get the support of EU Funds. So biomass pellet mill and briquette machine will be needed more with the increasing of biomass pellets and briquettes, which is an opportunity for the manufacturers. But there are strict requirements to the qualified manufactures.

ABC Machinery has been engaged in biomass pelletizing and briquetting industry for over ten years deserving your trust, who owns two private brands, GEMCO and KMEC. ABC Machinery not only produces biomass pellet mills and briquette machines, but also provides you with the best service.

From small mechanical devices to large-scale complete plants, ABC Machinery insists on researching and developing on our own. The users of ABC Machinery spread more than 50 countries and regions and it not only supplies pellet mill and briquette machine, but is a win-win partner.

Making Pellets
Best Pellet Making Machine for Sale
ring die pellet plant Large Pellet Plant

Ring die pellet plant is usually used in large-scale industry, and ring die pellet plant has bigger output, higher investment and larger space occupation compared with flat die pellet mill.

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large pellet mill Large Pellet Mill

Large pellet mill is the core equipment during the pellet production line, which is usually used in the complete equipment and a few of them can be used exclusively.

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flat die pellet plant Small Pellet Plant

Flat die pellet plant compared with ring die pellet plant is more suitable for small-scale industry and agriculture, etc. Flat die pellet plant is featured of small output, lower investment and small space occupation.

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small pellet mill Small Pellet Mill

Small pellet mill is what we call the flat die pellet mill, which is the key equipment of flat die pellet plant. Small pellet mill can be used in both complete set of production line and single machine production.

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Successful Pellet & Briquette Project Showcase
6TPH Complete Wood Pellet Making Line 6TPH Complete Wood Pellet Making Line

The customer himself is a professional engineer and he requires the equipment and the instruction to be perfect. In the production of the wood pellet making line, the customer chooses the most advanced ring die pellet making machine, pre-tr...

2T/H Wood Briquetting Plant 2T/H Wood Briquetting Plant

We build a wood briquetting plant in Canada with 2t/h of yield, we design the specialized pellet production line according to customer’s different requirements....

4.5-6T/H Sawdust Pellet Plant in Chile 4.5-6T/H Sawdust Pellet Plant in Chile

We build a sawdust pellet plant in Chile with 4.5-6t/h of yield, the processing steps: grinding, drying, pelletizing, cooling, packaging....

2 TPH Wood Pellet Line in Australia 2 TPH Wood Pellet Line in Australia

This wood pellet line is located in Australia. Themain equipments of this 2thp wood pellet line is The customer is very strict with environmental protection and control equipment....

How to Make Biomass Materials into Pellets or Briquettes?

Pellets and briquettes both can be used for industrial combustion, direct sale or household use. How to choose the correct machine to produce satisfying pellets and briquettes? Firstly, you should make sure the end products are pellets (how long the diameter is) or briquettes(they are hollow or solid). Then you can choose the corresponding type of pellet mill or briquette machine according to the material features.

But not all materials are suitable for making pellets or briquettes directly. What kind of materials can be made into pellets or briquettes? There lists several mainstream of raw materials below. Of course, the range of biomass materials is very broad, and if you are not sure whether the materials are suitable to make pellets or briquettes, ABC Machinery can supply you with the free testing service.

Pellet Mill
Guide PDF (Guide you to build your own pellet production line, originally download for $20. Now FREE!)

Biomass Briquette Machine
Guide PDF (Guide you how to make your own biomass briquettes, originally download for $18. Now FREE!)

Pellet Mill VS Briquette Machine

Pellet mill and briquette machine have many differences like processing raw materials, end products and working principle, etc....

Customer Feedback Questions about Biomass Pelletizing Mill

Which biomass pelletizing mill is better for me? There are two type biomass pelletizing mills: flat die and ring die pelletizing mill on the market. Our pellet machines are including flat die biomass pelletizing mill ring die biomass pellet...

Small Scale Pellet Production Solution

GEMCO specialize in promoting small scale pellet production solution for the production of pellet unite and flat pellet mill....

Good Pellet Mill Part Cast High Quality Machines
Good Pellet Mill Part Cast High Quality Machines

Whether you are replacing a pellet mill part or just want to have a spare on the shelf, get your parts from the place where they got start....

29 November
Charcoal Making Equipment for Sale
Charcoal Making Equipment for Sale

GEMCO charcoal making equipment with competitive prices, good quality, and the excellent after-sales service, which can make charcoal from biomass briquette....

29 November
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