Large Drying Machine

The drying machine is usually used to dry up the wet materials in biomass pellet plant and briquetting plant. The raw materials dried up by the drying machine are biomass materials. Drying machine is a vital device for pellet & briquette making. The drying degree of the materials directly affects the density, hardness, combustible rate and molding of the end products. So the drying machine must be chose correctly.
This type of drying machine usually has larger output, and it is often connected with ring die pellet press or high production of briquetting press.

Drum Drying Machine for Sale

drum drying machine
This type of dryer can dry up many kinds of raw materials, like wood sawdust, straw, peanut shells, etc. The following information is the design conditons of the HG-2100×9000 three layers of rotary drum dryer. We will take wood sawdust as an example.
The riginal moisture is from 45-50%, after being dried by the drum dryer, the moisture becomes about 13%, and its evaporation of water ability is 1.48t/h. The production ability is 2t/h.

The machine parameter of HG-2100×9000 three layers of rotary drum dryer:
Model Transmission power Spiral pipe diameter Wind pressure of induced draft fan Motor rotating speed Temperature output Heat output
HG-2100×9000 3kw 300mm 4179-4028Pa 6-10 rpm 350-400℃ 180×104Kcal/h

Advantages of Drum Drying Machine:

  • The outlet of the mainframe is equipped with a device that is used to remove stones and iron nails
  • The front and back transmission chain cover should be sealed. The front adopts net form in order to observe the motor running situations.
  • Flange seal among the pipes. It adopts asbestos ropes to seal.
  • Cold air supplement port adds damper, which should guarantee there are enough feeding conditions.
  • The cylindrical inlet and outlet adopts plug-in seal with the addition of high temperature of rubber seal.
  • The air inlet adds two temperature sensor, and the air outlet adds a temperature sensor.