Large Pellet Cooler

This pellet cooler machine is usually used in large pellet plant and connected with ring die pellet mill to cool the pellets from the pellet mill. The pellet cooler is connected with the packing machine, and the cooled products directly go into the packing machine for a pacakge.

Counterflow Cooler Machine

counterflow cooling machine

The counterflow cooler is mainly used to cool ABC Machinery series of complete biomass pellet production, and make the high-temperature pellets from the pellet mill cool to the temperature that is a little higher than the room temperature in order to guarantee the whole production line to produce pellets continuously, which is convenient to store and transport.

The pellet cooler is always used in large pellet line. ABC Machinery ring die pellet line has this type of cooling machine.

pellet machine and pellet cooler
Cooling machine is connected to a pellet machine.
pellet cooling and packing machine
Cooling machine is connected to a packing machine.

Working Principle

This  counter flow cooler machine is mainly composed of frame, feeder, hopper, discharging mechanism and vibration classifying screen, etc. When it is working, the high-temperature pellets from pellet mill go into the hopper through the feeder, and the cooling air enters the hopper from the bottom of discharging device. The cooling air is discharged upstream from the exhaust port. The cooling air contacts with the hot pellets during the rising process thus reaches the goal of cooling pellets. When the material level reaches the predetermined level, open the pneumatic valve to discharge pellets, until the packing volume is enough that you can close the valve. The pellets from the exhaust port can be packed and weighed. 

Main Parameter of Pellet Cooler

Model Cooling Volume (m3) Output(t/h) Cooling Time min Air-absorbed Volume (m3/h) Power(KW)
SKLN11 1 1-3 6-10 5000 2.2
SKLN14 2.5 3-5 6-10 10000 3
SKLN19 5 8-10 6-10 15000 3
SKLN22 8 15-20 6-10 27000 2.2+1.5

Performance Characteristics
  1. This machine consumes lower energy, and the cold air goes through the materials level according to the vertical direction from the bottom. The new air firstly contacts with the bottom cold pellets then gradually contacts the top hot pellets through the pellets column. The final discharged air temperature is nearly the same with the initial temperature of the pellet inlet, that means that  the air can take away the most heat. Relatively speaking, it needs less cold air, so you can use a smaller draught fan.
  2. Even cooling. Because the cold air can go into the cooler from the bottom and rises gradually and evenly through the bed of pellets until it is discharged. So a same bed of pellets temperature differs a little.
  3. Good quality of pellets. The cold air entering from the bottom contacts the cold pellets and during the rising process, the top pellets contact the preheated hot air. That greatly reduces the temperature difference of pellets and the cooling air which avoid the pellets damage, like crack, broken, etc produced by the chilling improving the pellet quality.
  4. No condensation and fog formation. In the counterflow cooler, because the air is heated heavily, the air temperature keeps above the dew point, so it won’t has condensation phenomenon.