Wood Chipper Machine

Wood chipper machine plays an irreplaceable role in the complete pellet production line that takes wood log, weed tree, etc as raw materials.
wood chipper machine

Processing Materials:

Undersized log, timer residues (branch, twigs,etc), wood processing residues (batten, slab, wood core, fishtail veneer, etc) and wood, etc.
wood chipper machine front
Wood Chipper Machine Front in Pellet Production Line
wood chipper machine side
Wood Chipper  Side connectted with Hoister  and Hammer Mill

Components of The Wood Chipping Machine:

  • Knife-cylinder assembly
  • Upper feeding roll
  • Lower feeding roll
  • Transport assembly
  • Hydraulic system
  • Electric control system

Technology Parameters of Wood Chipping Machine

Wood Chipping Machine BX216 Wood Chipping Machine BX-315N
Knife-cylinder diameter(mm) 650mm Main power Diesel engine 54HP
Fly cutter amount(slice) 2 Electrical control cabinet standard type two step-down start
Feed inlet size(height×width) 240×540mm In feeding 4m conveyor belt
Knife-cylinder speed(rpm) 590 Out feeding 10m pattern conveyor belt
Feeding speed(m/min) 38 Number of cut blades fly blades 2pcs,bottom blade 1pcs,Reserve cut blade 1pcs
Max diameter of materials(mm) 200 Rotor speed 595 rpm
Chip length(mm) 15-30 Infeeding open 400*170mm
Production ability(actual cubic meter/h) 10-12 Speed of infeeding 38m/minute
Main motor power(kw) 55(Fulin,Shandong province) Dimension of chips Length 20-30mm,Width 25-35mm,Thickness 3-8mm
feeding roll motor power(kw) 3×1 4×1 Capacity 3-6 ton per hour
weight(t) 4.07 Weight 3600KG
Dimension(length×width×height)(mm) 1980×1950×1250    

Characteristics of The Chipping Machine:
The wood chipper has the advantages of compact structure, easy to operate, high production rate, wide raw material ranges, safety and reliability. It is convenient to maintain the chipper. And the chips from the wood chipping machine have high quality. The wood chipper is a more advanced drum chipper in our country at present.