The 500kg/h Briquette project in Russia

The 500kgh Briquette project in Russia

Main information of Briquette project

  • Raw Material:Miscellaneous wood, including white pine, birch, oak wood
  • Technological Process: Pulverizing drying, briquetting and packaging
  • Key Equipment Quantity: 3 sets of screw briquette machine
  • Output: 180kg—20kkg/h (1screw briquette machine)
  • Location: Far East region of Russia

Briquette project Feature

installing picture of briquette project
installing picture of briquette project
  • One-piece crusher can be less than 20 cm diameter wood cut into powder, sawdust, single output can reach 200 kg/h. In addition, the sieving machine use dryer directly to remove iron and other impurities.
  • The drying system is mainly composed of firebrick stove, drying pipeline and cyclone, features high output yet low cost. The two drying chambers can favorably have drying time prolonged.
  • The dried material hrough screw conveyor and screw type distributor of dry materials can be uploaded to the three briquette machines. The screw briquette machine output around 180 - 200kg/h, type of machine structure is simple, low maintenance cost.
  • Heat sealing machine is simple to operation.

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