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Hot Sale Professional Small Briquette Machine for You

GEMCO is professional in manufacturing the biomass briquetting equipment. This time, we are going to introduce you the GC-MBP-1000 small briquette machine. It adopts screw pre-pressing, piston stamping, second pressing process, forced oil cooling, ensuring that the equipment is lubricated, solving the problem of high moisture requirement from the common briquette machine on the sawdust and the lack of faster mold wear; this equipment has the features of low electricity consumption, high production efficiency, long mechanical life, low maintenance rate etc. GC-MBP-1000 small briquette machine can make raw materials into briquette with diameter of 8-70mm after crushing into powder, such as, plant straws, grain shells, peanut seedlings (shells), cotton stalks, sawdust, sawdust, branches, bark, bamboo flour, wood scraps, forest residues, life waste.

GC-MBP-1000 Small Briquette Machine

Small Briquette Machine
NO. Product name GC-MBP-1000 small briquette machine
1    Main Components Main Engine
Electric Control Cabinet
2 Specifications Diameter:8、10、22、30、70mm
3 Capacity 0.8-1.2 T/H
4 Density 1000-1300kg/M3
5 Main Engine Power 45kw
6 Weight 7000kg
7 Dimensions Main Engine: 3.4mx2mx1.8m
Electric Control Cabinet: 1.2mx0.6mx1.2m.
8 Operator Two
9 Area About 80 Square Meters
Note: Different molding dies can produce different fuel briquette (φ70mm/φ30mm) and fuel pellet (φ8mm/φ10mm/φ22mm) with different specification.

Wide Application of Small Briquette Machine Having

the final briquette produced by small briquette machine can replace the cola ,oil and other traditional energy sources, widely used for industrial production, government unit, enterprises unit, heating for urban residents, cooking for residents, high-class fireplace and tobacco grower, also used as the power raw material in the biomass power station. Because the raw materials for small briquette machine are sawdust, straws and other agro wastes, and fro the enterprise who has need to deal with mass of biomass waste can not only solve the waste storing and treatment problem. But also changing the waste into treasure, generating extra commercial value.

Small Briquette Machine Line

Small briquette machine is widely used for matching with the production line. The complete briquette equipment includes crusher, dryer, small briquette machine (including conveyor, feeder, distributor, host, control cabinet), packaging machine etc.
  • Crusher: 1.5t/h, crushing length is 0.48mm-20mm, which is adjustable, the power is 45/55KW.
  • Dryer: adopting drum/flow, drying 1.2t/h, and the raw material moisture content should be ensured in 8%-12%, the power is 7.5KW.
  • Packaging machine: some users produce the briquette for self use or selling in bulk, then the packaging machine is not necessary. The packaging machine type should be decided according to the final product diameter.
  • Other equipment:
  1. Conveyor: specification: 5m×550mm, feeding, plate type, reducing dust overflow; can also be used as screw conveyor.
  2. Feeder: adopting screw type, reducer.
  3. Distributor: There is a feeder to feed to the distributor, and the left and right sides of the main machine are pre-pressed with double spiral to feed, meeting the raw materials of single-head punching.
  4.  Control cabinet: 1 set.
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GEMCO can customize the special briquette production line according to the actual conditions. Based on the advanced product, improved technology and after-sale service. GEMCO is engaging in provide the clients with briquetting equipment, pelleting equipment and complete solution. And we have superior after-sale team to offering you the after-sale technology guidance, equipment maintenance, and updating to eliminate your worries. Want to own your briquette production line? Contact Us!