Packing Machine for Biomass Pellet Line

The produced pellets going to the market for sale need the proper packing. According to the different requirements of the market, and the different production abilities of the pellet production lines, choosing the packager with high cost performance is especially important.

Automatic Quantitative Packing Machine

automatic quantitative packing machine

It is used for the quantitative packing of wood pellets. the opetional capacity is 150-250 bags per hour.
Type Range Division value Precision Speed Power Gas consumption
BLD-K50/D 5<-50kg> 1<-10g> ≤0.2% >360bags/h 4N-AC380V 50Hz <1m3>/h 0.3-0.5Mpa

Wood Pellets Packing Machine Characteristics

  • It adopts import high-accuracy sensor and high intelligence of weighing controller, which has high measuring accuracy and stable performance.
  • Automatic blanking difference correction , automatic zero tracking, overshoot test and suppression, warning of excessive and low amount
  • Enforcing function under simulated state, which realizes the fault self-diagnosis and is convenient to maintain.
  • Enforcing function under manual state as an emergency measure once there is a fault in the self-control process, it can finish all the packing by hand, and it is no need to stop the packing.
  • The packing amount and weight are calculated automatically. It has PS232 serial port, printer interface, so it can realize data printing by communicating with the computer.
  • It adopts import pneumatic actuator, and the cylinder inlet and outlet pressure can be adjusted, making the work more reliable with no pollution. The contacting part with materials chooses import stainless steel, which meets the food sanitary requirement, corrosion resistance, prolonging the service life of the device.
  • Safety design. Pneumatic element, electric machine and instrument all have safety protection, making sure the equipment and personal safety.
  • Humanization design. When the packing unit changes, the automatic adjustment of conveyor height is convenient, and the sack closer shears the line automatically. The conveyor is equipped with reverse switch. For some defective packing, it can go back for a secondary seam.