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2016 Wood Pellets and Briquettes Market

Because of the development of biomass energy in the world, wood pellets and briquettes are gradually going to people’s view. And their position becomes more and more important. From the following chart, we can imagine the importance of biomass fuels.
See the picture below which shows the total consumption and the forecast of wood pellets in the world.
From the picture, we can know that the pellet consumption in the world is increasing sharply. Western Europe and north America are the leading countries and Asian countries have great potential in pellet consumption. It is predicted that until 2020, pellet consumption will be about 59 million tonnes per year.
The developed countries are main consumers of wood pellets and briquettes, Recent years, due to the rapidly increasing price of fossil fuels, and the environmental problems, not only the developing countries but also the developing countries tend to use renewable energy and introduce policies to support the using of wood pellets and briquettes.
Korea and Japan have produced a series of plannings to broaden the usage of green power and low-carbon energy in 2012. Korea tries to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels, so it has a new plan that includes building 8 new wood pellet plants and increasing import volume of wood pellets. And nowadays, Korea uses wood pellets as the main source of power generation to generate electricity which greatly improves the environment quality and eases the energy crisis. It is predicted that Korea will consume nearly 5 million tons of pellets until 2020.
China also introduces policies to support the biomass energy development. Every year, China will allocate a certain allowance to give aid to the biomass energy producers. In the next few years, China’s biomass pellet fuel market will keep the rapid growth, and the annual rate is over 50%. It is predicted that the scale of biomass pellet fuel market will be more than 300 billion until 2018.
The following chart shows the growth trend of biomass fuels in the world.
The chart gives the data from 2004 to 2014 of the whole world biofuels production. We can see that Europe still is the biggest biofuel producing country and the next is America. From 2004 to 2014, the world biofuel consumption has  nearly quintupled.
Not only wood pellets but also biomass briquettes have a huge market. According to the Indian researchers, briquettes made from the agricultural residues are very cost-effective and environment-friendly. In India, many briquette plants have been set to replace the fossil fuels. And according to the research, America has turned 227 billion kg of wastes into briquette fuels, which is equal to 2.1kg per person per day of America. The usage of those wastes eases the environmental problems and energy crisis.
2016 is moving forward, and the wood pellets and briquettes production will increase even more in the following years, pellet mill and briquette machine will have a broad prospect in the future.