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2TPH Wood Pellet Plant Project Hot for Sale Now!

ABC Machinery is a foreign trade company that has many years of wood pellet plant manufacturing and selling experiences, and we provide one-stop service to customers from the raw materials choosing to the pellet production. The wood pellet plant project is one of our service items. ABC Machinery offers different yields of wood pellet plant projects, recently, 2TPH wood pellet plant project is on hot sale. 2TPH wood pellet plant project is a medium sized pellet plant, which is suitable for many pellets producers. And the price is in an acceptable range, so it gets the favor of most people.

wood pellet plant project

What equipment is needed in 2TPH wood pellet plant project

In the whole pellet production line, we will list the equipments that the producers need according to the producing order: crusher, dryer, pellet mill machine, cooler, packager. The equipment type and quantity should be confirmed according to the actual situation.

The preparation before the installation
The plant building and electricity are the necessary preparations. The building size should be designed according to the equipment size and the plant building shape should be the same with the design drawing provided by our technician. The electricity should be available at the place where the current-using equipment is put. After all the preparations are done, you can install the equipment as per the guidance.

Operation specification of wood pellet plant
During the pellet production, there are some operation specifications that you should pay attention. Before the materials are processed by pellet mill, the raw materials size should be less than 3mm, and the moisture content should be lower than 15%. Before you operate the pellet mill, you should add oily materials into the machine to grind the machine. After finish the pellet production, you should use oily materials too, for fear that the raw materials will block the pellet mill when you use for the next time. The operator should be trained before operating the machine to avoid danger and speed up the production.

ABC Machinery has set many wood pellet plant projects all around the world and some of the projects are our sample projects for people to visits. If you are at the place where our sample project is in, you can have a look the whole plant and check our machine and technology. We hope you can give us valuable opinions and suggestions. ABC Machinery really happy to cooperate with you, welcome to ABC Machinery.