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ABC Machinery Takes Part in The 121th Canton Fair

ABC Machinery in Past Canton Fair

ABC Machinery would bring some small machines or some products to the Canton fair, like small pellet mill, biomass pellets, feed pellets, vegetable oil, etc. That can show our company’s strength visually, and the customers can judge our products objectively. Out of the limitation, we can not take all of our products to the Canton fair, but we have many methods to show our products and quality to the customers. We can use ipad or other mobile devices to play the video for customers, and we can also introduce our living examples in some foreign countries, especially the customer’s local plant. Our products get great feedback from the customer of the past Canton fairs, so we have confidence in this years of spring Canton fair.

ABC Machinery Strength

ABC Machinery has more than 12 years of experience in the pellet mill and briquette machine production, and we have got 8 patents, ISO 9000 and CE certificates. Our products are sold to more than 50 countries of the world, and most of customers build a long-term cooperation relationship with us, which is a great proof to our products. If you want to know more information about us, you can come to our booth, and our technicians will introduce to you carefully.

Products Advantages of ABC Machinery

ABC Machinery sells different kinds of pellet mills (flat die pellet mill, ring die pellet mill, etc), briquette machines (punching briquette machine, screw briquette machine, etc). The key parts of those machines adopt high standard materials and brands, so the durability is high and the service life time is long. Our machine quality is guaranteed, and it is safe to operate for the operators.
If you are interested in our products, and you are close to the Canton fair, you can find our booth to ask our technicians about the relative questions, and we are glad to cooperate with you!

Basic Information
China 121th Canton Fair
Time: 15th-19th April, 2017
Booth:Area A, 8.0O21
Address: China import and export fair complex
(No.380, Yuejiang Zhou Road, Guangzhou, China)