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ABC Machinery Wood Pellet Maker in Canton Fair 2018

On 15th Oct 2018, China Import and Export Fair, Canton Fair or short, has kicked off as usual. ABC Machinery has attended this fair from 15th to 19th Oct once more.
ABC Machinery Wood Pellet Maker in Canton Fair 2018 customers satisfied with wood pellet maker

Till this year, we had attended the Canton Fair for decade times. This time, we brought our featured wood pellet maker for exhibition. Many overseas customers came to visit our machinery, attracted by our wood pellet making machine. Among them, many customers were very satisfied with our machinery, showing great sincerity and paying us for the advance payment in the site.
wood pellet maker payment wood pellet maker payment wood pellet maker payment
(some customers who paid the advance payment at the site of Canton Fair)

Why is wood pellet maker popular?

  1. Wood pellet maker can make variety of raw materials into pellets used as fuel, turning waste into useful source, such as, agro waste like sorghum straw, corn stalk, coconut shell, peanut shell, rice husk, vegetable stems etc, and forestry residues like wood chips, sawdust, twigs, barks etc. reducing the fuel cost.
flat die wood pellet maker
(flat die wood pellet maker show in exhibition)

  1. The produced wood pellet has outstanding advantages of high density, burning fully, high combustion efficiency, less ash, no harmful gas produced to the air, is the best substitute of traditional fossil fuels.
  2. With wood pellet maker, you can produce the wood pellets by your own for home heating and cooking; you can produce more wood pellet to sell them to your neighbors for more income; you also can invest it for commercial.
  3. Wood pellet making machine makes green fuel, meets the global seeking for environment protection with great future prospect thanks to the supporting from many countries of the world.

Why ABC Machinery Wood Pellet Maker?

  1. All of our wood pellet maker adopt the advanced machinery manufacturing technology, meeting the CE certificate and international manufacturing standard.
  2. Best compression ratio has been equipped in our wood pellet maker for producing different raw materials. Due to the different raw materials, the inner lignin quantity is different, thus needing different compression ratio to produce bets quality wood pellet. We can adjust the compression ratio according to the requirement of customers and actual situation.
  3. Four different kinds of driving powers are equipped including electric motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine and PTO, meeting the actual situation from different countries and regions.
  4. Safe electric controlling system is configured, meeting the CE standard operating system, and the emergency button can stop the machine in the urgent condition to protect the machine from damaging.

What can you get from ABC Machinery?

  • Pre-Sale Service:
We provide you with professional project designing, process designing, machine choosing scheme making etc. Based on your special requirement, we will design the most suitable product for you and offer you the training opportunity for the technical operating staff.
What can you get from ABC Machinery?
  • On-purchase Service:
We help you check and accept the equipment and to draft the construction scheme and specific process.
  • After-Sale Service:
Our company will send technicians to the site to guide the equipment installation, debugging and the training after you receiving your ordered equipment.
  • Product Quality:
Except for the quick-wear parts, all of our wood pellet makers have one year of quality guarantee.
Are you still waiting? Come and contact us for more information!