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Benefit From Fuel Briquettes Press

The Ideal Fuel ----- Briquettes

Agriculture is always the most important industry for human being around the world, meanwhile generating millions of tones of agro residues which are treated through destroying and burning in loose form resulting air pollution and environment pollution. As the science and technology develops, the agro residues can be processed into one recycled &useful energy resource which is called biomass briquettes used as fuel.
Fuel Briquettes
Through the equipment called fuel briquettes press, he loose agro waste is processed into biomass fuel briquette with high density and uniform shape and size. Compared to other traditional solid fuel, fuel briquette is cheaper as the raw material can be found everywhere easily, costing less. No addictives added in the fuel briquette process, there is no harmful gas produced during the combustion of fuel briquette.

High Quality Fuel Briquettes Press for Sale

There are mainly two types of fuel briquettes machine that are on hot sale, punching type and screw type.
punching type briquette making machinescrew type briquette press machine
Screw type fuel briquettes press is principled with the propeller to push materials forward, the final fuel briquette is with cylindrical or hollow center shapes. Due to the surface will have carbonizing phenomenon, the briquette produced by this type is always used for making charcoal briquettes. During the process of making charcoal briquettes, you only need to control the temperature and the time.
Differ from the screw type, punching briquette press adopts the working principle of mechanical stamping, giving great pressure to the raw materials and helps to shape high-density briquettes. This type fuel briquettes press is designed to produce both biomass pellet and briquette. What you only to do is change the extrusion mold.

Why Using Fuel Briquettes Press?

Since the demand of energy increases, the natural traditional energy resources are reducing rapidly. The new energy like sunlight, water energy and wind energy have been developed already, but which can not be used as fuel. Thus the ideal alternative energy is the biomass fuel briquette, with both of social and economic benefits.

Social Benefits

The fuel briquettes press is designed and developed for pressing agro residue and organic waste including urban waste etc, helping to clean the surrounded environment and reducing landfills. With full combustion, there is less ashes and carbon dioxide produced to the air, largely minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, meanwhile saving valuable fossil fuel and the natural resources. Turning the biomass material into biomass fuel briquette used for daily life also solves the problem of storing and managing the agro residues, and reducing the cost of residues treatment.

Economic Benefits

Economically speaking, the fuel briquette produced from the fuel briquettes press has high economic value comparing to other fuels. The fuel briquette has high low moisture, low ashes but high density. What’s more, making fuel briquette has high profitable. As we all know that recently the demand of energy resources increases fast but we also know the energy resources are limited, the fuel briquette is born in this right period to fill the gap, easier to manage, store and transport due to the uniform shape and size.