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Best Customized Biomass Briquetting Machine for Sale

Biomass Briquette Used in Life

With the rapid development of human and society, energy supply has been one urgent topic around the world. Due to the limited existing energy resources reserves, human beings has to seek more green and renewable energy resources. Every country in the world are taking an active part in this action which is related the fate of future life.
Biomass Briquette Used in Life
Biomass briquetting technology was born in this right era, becoming increasingly popular in the world, especially in developing countries. Biomass briquette, as one of the renewable energy source, is produced by the biomass raw materials including forestry and agro residues through the biomass briquette machine. With the features of high density, high combustion efficiency but with no dust produced during the combustion, the finished biomass briquette is mainly used for home heating and cooking, enterprises heating, house hold fireplace, charcoal fuel factory, industrial boiler and electricity generation factory etc.

Detailed Biomass Briquetting Process

Biomass briquetting machine is divided into multiple types, among them the most popular type is the screw type biomass briquetting machine, which adopting the principle of screw pushing the raw materials into the forming sleeve. Screw type biomass briquetting machine can process sawdust, peanut shell, wood chips, bamboo shavings, coconut shell, bagasse, cotton stalk, rice husk, sugarcane bagasse, twigs, furfural residue etc. the finished wood briquette can be carbonized into charcoal briquette through the carbonization furnace.
Biomass Briquetting Machine for Sale
(Screw Type Biomass Briquette Press Machine)
Due to different actual conditions and requirements, the biomass briquetting process details are different. Recently, we have a customer having agro residues including peanut shells and bits of fibers. We advise him to taken out the fiber for its high cellulose, and the moisture content of the raw materials are in the range of required 12%-14%. Thus we customized the following special biomass briquetting process for him consisting of crushing, briquetting, packing and carbonization process. The customer is going to use the charcoal briquette as BBQ fuel and heating fuel to reduce expenditure.

Why Choose Biomass Briquetting Machine For Fuel?

  1. Biomass briquetting machine is designed and developed for turning waste into treasure. Plenty of raw materials including kinds of straws, shell, husks, waste wood, wood plate etc. Which are cheap can be produced into bio briquettes used for daily life, reducing the daily cost.
  2. The finished briquette has lots of advantages, such as, high combustion efficiency, uniform size, easy to manage, storage and transport, high density, no harmful dust or gas produced during the combustion, fitting the sustainable development.
  3. All of our biomass briquetting machine are manufactured under the international machinery manufacturing standards, and all the components adopt advanced international brands, with high quality and long durability.
  4. At last not the least, biomass briquetting machine can not only used singly for home use, but also used in the biomass briquetting plant for commercial use. Even, the biomass briquetting machine is very suitable for the investing beginners as it has bright and valuable future prospect.