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Buy Proper Mini Pellet Mill from ABC Machinery

Mini pellet mill introduction

Mini pellet mill is also called small pellet mill and flat die pellet mill, with tiny volume. Its main parts include the die, roller and bearing, etc. Mini pellet mill is the best selling product of ABC Machinery. It can process many kinds of raw materials, like wood waste, forestry waste, agricultural waste, household refuse, etc. But different materials have different yield, and different materials use different mini pellet mills.
mini pellet mill
The small die pellet mill can be divided into the following types:
  • According to the raw materials: feed pellet mill and biomass pellet mill;
  • According to the structure: Roller drive type pellet mill and Die drive type pellet mill;
  • According to the power: electric pellet mill, diesel engine pellet mill, gasoline pellet mill and PTO pellet mill.
Besides the above single machines, our company has pushed out a new type of small pellet mill production line, the mini pellet mill and other auxiliary machines are on the same platform. That not only improve the production rate, but also can move at random.

Mini pellet mill working principle

Before you use the mini pellet mill, you should control the raw material size under 3mm, that won’t block the machine. You should also control the raw material moisture content lower than 15%, then the pelletizing effect will be better. The gap between the roller and die should be proper, and the range is 0.1-0.3mm. If the gap is larger than 0.3mm, the materials layer will be too thick, that will affect the production yield; if the gap is lower than 0.1mm, that will speed up the wearing rate, reducing the machine life span. The raw materials fall on the die, and the roller presses the materials into the die hole, then the materials come out from the bottom of the die. The cutter will cut them into pellets with proper length. You can adjust the cutter position to change the pellet length. The pellets from the single mini pellet mill should be cooled naturally, after their temperature is close to the room temperature, you can pack them by manual. If you use the complete small pellet mill plant, the above steps will be easier than the single mini pellet mill.

Mini pellet mill advantages

  • Small volume takes small place to produce the pellets.
  • It is easy to install and maintain.
  • Mini pellet mill has different types, the output is different, the customer can chose it according to their needs.
  • It is easy to operate and move.
  • Mini pellet mill is suitable for the house use, the operating skill is easy to master.

Why choose ABC Machinery

ABC Machinery is professional in mini pellet mill manufacturing, and we have been in this field for over more than 10 years, so the rich experiences make the machine better in every aspect. Our company has got the certificates of ISO9000 and CE. So the quality and safety of the machine won’t be worried, for they are guaranteed. We have sold our products to over 50 countries and regions, and the customers give us great feedback. We not only have mini pellet mill, and small pellet mill plant, we also do the business of large pellet mill, large pellet mill plant, biomass briquette machine and briquette production line, etc. If you have any question about our product or about our company, please fill in the following chart, we will give you the specific introduction.