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Choosing a Reliable Pellet Mill Company

Pellet Mill Industry Introduction

In the early 1900s, the first pellet mill based on the flat die has been developed. At the beginning, the pellet mill is used for making feed pellets for the livestock on farm. With the development of the technology, the pellet mill is researched and developed to produce fuel pellets used as an substitution fuel of the fossil fuels, combating the energy crises. As the time goes 21 century, the environment pollution is becoming more serious, which requires green energy urgently. Besides, the EU 2020 policy targeting for renewable source and green house gas emission reduction, requires the green energy can take up 20% of the total energy consumption till 2020, which drives the pellet mill market dramatically.

mainstream products of pellet mill company
With the urgent demand for the pellet of people around the world, the pellet production business develops boomingly. People realize the chance to invest in the pellet mill industry to make high profits, which causes the increasingly intense competition. The pellet mill company try their best to produce the unique pellet mill for getting more customers. But for the customers, only the reliable pellet mill company is their first choice.

How to Choose a Reliable Pellet Mill Company?

At this world with economic globalization, you can seek pellet mill companies easily around the world through the internet. When you search information about pellet mill company in Google, there are many overwhelming promotion information, including American companies, European companies and Asian companies. But the located countries of the company can not stand for the quality of the pellet mill.

Here lists some pellet mill companies all over the world for your considering.

European Pellet Mill Companies

CPM pellet mill

  • As a pellet mill company, CPM pellet mill is well known in the pellet mill industry. In 1931, its first pellet mill has been researched and developed. So far, CPM has already been the world leading pellet mill supplier, and its pellet mill has wide supplied all over the world. Its main products are feed pellet mill and wood pellet mill, both of them are produced with high production quality, high production efficiency and durable gears, suitable for the large scale pellet production line. So the small and medium scale production line is not suggested to choose this pellet mill company.

ANDRITZ pellet mill

  • ANDRITZ, as an integrated group, supplies feed and biomass pellet mills all around the world. Its pellet mill is specially designed for large scale feed production and wood pellet production line, ensuring the high efficiency and quality of the pellets. Besides, its pellet mills are suitable for large scale production in the feed factory or the fuel pellets factory. For a beginner, it is not the best choice.

Pellet Mill Companies in America

Alaska pellet mill

  • Alaska pellet mill company and Colorado mill equipment are the two pellet mill supplier of America. When you search in Google, you will find them in the first 3 pages.
  • On their website, you can see the different kinds of pellet mills, meeting the small to massive scale pellet production, and the cost is not high, whether you are the beginner or the investors for pellet production, these two companies can be listed in your sheet. However, due to the low cost, the quality and the service may not meet your high requirement.

Asian Pellet Mill Companies

GEMCO pellet mill

  • GEMCO, as the largest pellet machine manufacturer of China, has started to engaged in energy resources industry since the founding of AGICO(Anyang General International Company) in 1992. In 2007, Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery Co., Ltd was founded officially, which means developing green energy equipment have became their main mission.
  • At the same time, the technology staff have been consistently integrating superior resources both at home and abroad to offer the clients the best customized biomass plans and projects. Its products cannot only be used for home use, but also for pellet production line in feed field and fuel field. Both the beginners and investors can choose these production. However, they don’t have too much advertising, so the products are not famous as the others.

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