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Denmark Client Order ZLSP200B R-Type Electrical Pellet Press

On 28th June 2018, the client from Denmark has purchased one of ZLSP200B R-type electrical pellet press for making fuel pellets with the diameter of 8mm using sawdust raw material.
Denmark client enquiry:

Hello, about the ZLSP-R-200B R-type electrical pellet press, 7.5KW, I want to make first class 8mm fuel pellets from sawdust. Want to know more about electrical CE connection 380/400v ampere start current and other vital features for using this machine. What will the price be including shipment to Denmark.

ABC Machinery reply:

Thanks for your inquiry and this is Anne who will take care of all your requirements.
We are professional and as a leading manufacturer in biomass pelleting field. All our pellet presses have the CE, ISO9001:2008 for reliable quality, and our products are serving our customers over than 50 countries in the world. 
As per your requirements, here is
the details of electrical pellet press ZLSP200B R-type, please check its details as below:

Model ZLSP 200B R-Type electrical pellet press

Capacity: 80-120kg/h
Motor power: 7.5kw, 380V, 50Hz, 3Phase
Dimension of package:  1150*530*750mm
Weight: 250kg
Pellet diameter choice: 6-12mm
Material of flat die & roller: Alloy Steel
Life of flat die & roller: Min. 800hrs
ZLSP 200B R-Type electrical pellet press

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Our pellet machine can make 8mm diameter pellets with length range from 10-100mm.
Here attached our catalogue and CE certificate, please check the attachment.
For the transport cost of one set LSP200B R-type electrical pellet press to Denmark, please confirm the main sea port, so I can check its transport cost.
Denmark client enquiry:

Concerning shipping to either Esbjerg or Aarhus harbor here in Denmark, is it something you can handle with freight charges from either Qingdao or Shanghai port or others ports that suits you best and what the total freight rate will be for Denmark.
I also have some more questions about the ZLSP200B R-type, are the scrapers also fitted on the rollers on this machine too?
Thinking about what the price will be for extra rollers and 8 mm die (hope you have a special price for me) because the costs will be large upon rebooking.
I have read on your website that in time this will be a common spare part that gets worn even though it has a long life.

ABC Machinery reply:

1. It will take 30 days from Chinese sea port Qingdao or Shanghai to Aarhus sea port.
2. Our die and roller life span is minimum 800 hours. So we suggest our clients order extra two sets of spare parts (8mm diameter die and one full set of roller) with pellet machine together.
3. Yes, there is the scraper and pellet cutter of pellets, and we will also send the operation manual with the pellet machine together.
4. When we send you the pellet machine, there is already installed one die (you can choose the diameter of die) and one full set of roller.
5. We also want to build long good business relationship and hope if you can be our sale agent, reach our win-win business; after you confirm the order, I will supply you one free moisture meter.
If you have any questions, please let me know freely.

Eventually, the customer ordered a ZLSP-R-200B R-type electrical pellet press to be delivered to Aarhus sea port in Denmark.
If I don't have enough electricity, what about other power-driven pelletizers? No problem, we provide a variety of power pellet press machines. There are ring die pellet press and flat die pellet press. Ring die type pellet press is suitable for large industrial and flat die type pellet press is suitable for small industrial or home use. The ZLSP200B R-type electrical pellet press is flat die pellet press and other three type like diesel drive, gasoline drive, tractor drive(PTO).