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Great Opportunity of Investing in Pellet Mill Greece

Pellet Mill Greece Develops Fast

In this era of proposing environmental protection and seeking renewable green energy, biomass energy is developed in almost every countries around the world. But in Greece, biomass energy is used with limitation for a few years because of no permission in the big cities like Athens, Thessaloniki and Salamis of burning biomass pellet. This situation has been not changed until a progress which aims to increase the biomass pellets consumption in residential heating has been launched.
Pellet Mill Greece Develops Fast
(Small Pellet Mill Plant)
Also, the price of coal and oil is rising increasingly, more and more residents begin to use biomass pellet as fuel, leading the development of biomass pellet mill Greece. After the first pellet mill plant has been established in 2006, 5 new pellet mill plants has been established again. So far, more than 14 plants are in construction, to meet the requirement for biomass pellet of people. Some investors saw the great opportunities and decided to invest this hot project to obtain high returns.

Low Investment with High Returns

Low Cost
  • Raw material is easy to collect. Various of raw materials can be used for making biomass pellet by biomass pellet mill Greece, such as, rice husk, peanut straw, sawdust, wood chips, wheat stalk, cotton straw, leaves etc, even the residues of Oliver oil production.
  • Raw material superiority in Greece. To ensure the supply of biomass pellet for long time, availability of raw materials is crucial. The agricultural is developed well in Greece. The arable land area takes a proportion of 30% in the whole land area in which crop farming accounts for 2/3 with planting mainly, thus many residues in by-product production can be used for making biomass pellets through the pellet mill. Large agro area of Greece make the biomass pellet production come true.

High Returns
  • Wide pellet market. Through the large pressure in the pellet mill Greece, finished pellet is produced with high density and combustion, can burn fully without harmful gas produced into the air, can be widely used for home heating and cooking, household fireplace, BBQ heating, industrial boiler, biomass power generation.
  • Bright future prospect. With the trend of biomass pellet development, there are establishing more and more pellet mill plant in Greece, even people has begun to use pellet machine to make biomass pellets by themselves. The prospect of pellet machine Greece is filled of brightness and prosperity.

Highlight of pellet mill Greece

Highlight of pellet mill Greece
  • Pellet mill Greece costs low. Equipped with simple and compact structure, the pellet machine is easy to install, operate and maintain for two people, covering a small area, thus saving the land cost.
  • Four kinds of powers are equipped with pellet mill of Greece, including gasoline-engine driven, electric-motor driven, diesel-engine drive and PTO type. The clients can choose the most suitable type according to their actual requirements.
  • Pellet mill of Greece is designed with different production capacity ranging from 500kg/h to 1.5t/h, meeting the requirements of different pellet production scale built in Greece.
  • Pellet machine can make variety of raw materials into biomass pellets, including crop husk, straw, stalk and residues of by-product production, dealing greatly the problem of agro and forestry residues in Greece.
  • Pellet mill Greece aims to make green energy to replace fossil fuel, can help to reduce the carbon emission, thus to make contribution to the Greece energy structure reform, realizing the target of Greece renewable energy development.
If you have noticed the great opportunity of pellet mill in Greece, don’t hesitate to contact us to know more information about investing in pellet mill Greece.