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High Quality of Mini Pellet Press from ABC Machinery

Mini pellet press introduction

Mini pellet press has another names, small pellet press, flat die pellet press, tiny pellet press, etc. The machine can process many kinds of biomass raw materials, like wood sawdust, shavings, chips, twigs, stalks, peanut shells, palm kernel shells, etc. Mini pellet press can produce both biomass fuels and feed, but you should choose different types to make them. Mini pellet press has four types from the aspects of power, electric pellet mill, diesel engine pellet mill, PTO pellet mill and gasoline pellet mill. All those pellet machines have their own advantages.
mini pellet press

Mini pellet press advantages

1. It is clean for the electric pellet press to produce pellets, and its power supply is steady and enough, so the pellet production is fluent.
2. The diesel engine pellet press won’t be limited by the production condition, for it can produce pellets at any places, as long as the raw materials are sufficient.
3. The gasoline pellet press can supply enough power to the production, so the pellet production is steady and continuous.
4. PTO pellet press should connect to the tractor and the tractor supplies huge power to the pellet mill, so the pellet machine has high production efficiency.
5. Those pellet press adopt high standard materials, so the service life time is long.
6. They consume less energy and produce large amount of pellets.

Mini Pellet Press Application

The mini pellet press can be used for many purposes. They can be used in the small farm, home and other small scale pellet production. Though the pellet mill has small scale, you can choose different types according to your actual production need. The small pellet mills have wide range of yield, the range can be from dozens of kilograms to several hundred kilograms and the largest yield of the small pellet mill is 500kg. That can absolutely meet the users’ needs.

Mini Pellet Press from ABC Machinery

If you want to have a mini pellet press, you can consider ABC Machinery. Because ABC Machinery has been dedicated in the mini pellet mill for more than ten years, the pellet equipment is being improved all the time, and our goal is to make the customer satisfied. Except for the single mini pellet press, we also run the business of small pellet mill plant, which can save a lot of energy and cost for the customers. We got the certificates of ISO9000 and CE, so you won’t need to worry about the machine qulity and the operating safety. Our after sale service is very good, the problems will be solved perfectly as soon as possible.
If you want to have a mini pellet press, you can contact with us. You can filling the following chart, we will reply on you as we receive your mails at 24 hours.