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Homemade Pellet Mill Helps Make Pellets Easier

Homemade pellet mill introduction

Homemade pellet mill is also small pellet press, which belongs to flat die pellet mill, which are specially designed for farm, home heating and cooking. Various materials can be made into pellets by this small pellet press, such as, agro waste like corn stalk, wheat straw, cotton stalk, maize straw, branches and other wood and crop wastes, and forestry residues like wood shavings, sawdust, wood chips, leaves etc.
Homemade Pellet Mill

This small pellet press is mainly composed of die, roller, motor and other assistant components. Mechanically, the home made pellet mill can be divided into two types, including D type shorted by die rotating and R type originated from roller rotating. For meeting requirements from different customers, four kinds of powers are equipped, respectively are motor-driven pellet mill, gasoline-driven pellet press, diesel engine-driven pellet machine, and PTO pellet mill. (More homemade pellet mill with Different dynamics)
Usually, our ZLSP 150 series homemade pellet mills are the preferred choice for these customers who want to make pellets by themselves at home and on farm or who would like to use the pellet mill for starting business. Their production capacity are 50kg-120kg per hour according to the different types of powers, easily meeting their needs.

Design superiorities of home made pellet mill

  1. The small pellet press is with small size and capacity, saving the space meeting the require of making pellets at home and on farm.
  2. With simple structure, the home made pellet mill is easy to install and operate for the operator.
  3. High quality of the main components. The hopper is made by thicker material; the main components, roller and die, can serve longer time, with 2000 hours; the gear box adopts high quality welding structure, with high precision and lower noise.
  4. Automatic lubrication is equipped in the home made pellet mill, saving time.
  5. The electrical components are made from the international advanced materials, and stop switch is equipped to prevent machine damage.
  6. Four kinds of motor are designed. The customers can choose freely according to their requirements.
  7. This homemade pellet mill strictly meet EU standard, getting EU certification.
  8. The finished pellets with high density can be burned fully and efficiently, leaving little ash.
  9. Raw materials are easy to find. The agro waste like corn stalk, wheat straw, cotton stalk, maize straw, branches and other wood and crop wastes, and forestry residues like wood shavings, sawdust, wood chips, leaves etc. saving the cost of dealing the waste.

Attention of operation

  1. Before operating this homemade pellet mill, here are some matters need your attention.
  2. Firstly, you must ensure the material that you will use by this machine. If the raw material is large pieces, you should turn them into small ones before. And the moisture of the raw material should be around 15%.
  3. Before turning the machine, you should check the bolts of roller and die, avoiding the loose bolts falling into the pelleting chamber to damage the roller and die, meanwhile check other components for loose and falling off.
  4. Before using this home made pellet mill for the first time, you should use the oil material for grinding.
  5. When abnormal noise is found in the pelleting processing, you should stop the machine immediately to check and repair.
  6. If the machine is not used for a long time, ensure the site for placing the machine should be ventilated and dry for avoiding rusting and the surfaces of rotating parts should be coated with anti-rust oil.
Please contact us for more information about homemade pellet mill.