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Hot Sale Small Scale Briquetting Machine

Small Scale Briquetting Machine Features

Our hot sale small scale briquetting machine usually means our GCBC series screw briquetting machine, making biomass raw materials like crop wastes, forestry residues and animal wastes into cylindrical, square and hexagonal solid briquette as fuel, with the production capacity ranging from 180kg/h to 350 kg/h.
small scale briquetting machine
(small scale briquetting machine: screw type briquetting machine)

The raw material is placed in the small scale briquette machinery, with the self-weight, raw material falls into the briquetting room, the screw pushes the raw materials into the forming sleeve where the section area getting smaller and smaller. Under the large pushing and pressure from the compression sleeve, the inner pressure of raw material is getting larger, when the pressure of forming sleeve reaches the maximum, the briquette is formed successful. Then after pressure relaxation stage, the formed briquette would be pushed out of the machine. The finished product is called briquettes. You can use the finished briquette in many places, including home heating and cooking, industrial boiler, BBQ fuel, biomass power generation etc. Thus small scale briquetting machine is widely used for home use, farm, small workshop, small fuel factory and small scale briquette production line.


Why Use Small Scale Briquetting Machine?

  • Extensive adaptability. Wood materials: wood log, wood chips, sawdust, shavings; agricultural materials: rich husk, cotton stalk, wheat straw, peanut shell, bagasse, pineapple shell, rice bran, canola straw, soybean stem etc; other materials: palm, kernel shell, grasses, palm fiber, biomass rubbishes; even the animal wastes like horse manure, cattle manure etc.
  • Wide applications. The finished briquettes can be used for home heating and cooking, enterprises and public heating, BBQ fuel, industrial boiler, charcoal making factory, biomass power generation etc thus small briquetting machine can be widely used for home use, fuel factory and scale briquette making line, to meet daily demand for fuel.
  • Wide product ranges. small scale briquetting machine can not only produce wood briquette, but also can make charcoal briquettes for making charcoal fuel, the size of finished product ranges from 8mm to 70mm. the diameter of finished product can be adjusted easily by changing the mould.
  • The finished product made with high combustion ratio, can be burned fully without ashes and bad smoke produced during the combustion.
  • Machinery highlights. two heat collars made from thick copper wires are equipped in the heating section; forming hopper is specially made for easier cleaning; automatic cutting system is equipped for enhancing the forming automaticity; specific lubricating system is equipped in this small scale briquette machine, with the function of exhausting and keeping the air pressure.
  • Small briquetting machine can produce briquettes continuously, with advantages of stable running, playing an important role in briquettes production line

Tips of Using Small Scale Briquetting Machine

When you using small scale briquetting machine, here are some tips for your better experience.
  • Before using small scale briquette machine, you should check each rotating component is flexible and there is abnormal noise exists.
  • Heat the machine before using. Usually the temperature of the sleeve should be adjusted to 350℃. When the temperature control meter shows the numerical value, turn on the small briquette machine.
  • The raw material should be pretreated before briquetting. The maximum size of raw material had better less than 3mm, raw material moisture content should be kept in around 15%.
  • When the feeding hole is blocked, you should use the batten or wood cane to un-choke, metal stick is forbidden to use.
  • The rotating parts should be injected with lubrication oil regularly, avoiding the component getting rusty to affect the briquettes production.
  • When trouble happens, stop the small briquetting machine immediately to check and repair it.
Whether you want make wood briquette or charcoal briquette, small scale briquetting machine can help you realize the thought, contact us for more information.