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Industrial Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill with High Commercial Value

Developing of Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill

Ring die wood pellet mill, is also called large scale wood pellet mill or industrial pellet machine, is developed firstly and successfully in 1931 by CPM company in America. The first type is called vertical type, and then the horizontal type is developed soon in 1934. While the UMT company in UK developed the pellet mill for pellets production line. After the oil crisis of 1970s, wood pellets have been a popular fuel used for replacing the fossil fuel. So, some countries in Europe started to develop and manufacture the own ring die wood pellet machine ever since.
ring die wood pellet mill
China began to research and develop pellet mill and produced the first pellet mill based on the ring die pellet mill of UMT company in 1970s. At the same time, many research institutes including some universities started to study the manufacturing technology of the ring die wood pelleting mill, too.

At present, the working principle of the ring die wood pellet machine has been more mature, while the technological performance and manufacturing level has been improved over and over again. Besides, with the pressure of environmental protection, the demand for wood pellets of people all over the world has been increase greatly. The pellet mill industry develops better and better. Also, more and more investors see the bright future prospect of the pellet mill as well and decide to invest this industry. As a large scale pellet mill, industrial pellet machine has been the preferred machine among the investors.

Features of Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill

Industrial pellet mill is widely used in large scale pellet production line and energy industry for its own features.

  1. The capacity of the industrial pellet machine is in a range of 500kg -2.5t/h, meeting the pellets production line and large scale production.
  2. Chromium alloy steel material is adopted in the manufacturing of the ring die wood pellet mill, improving the resistance to corrosion and abrasion.
  3. By the ring die pelleting mill, various raw materials can be made into pellets, like crop straws, the wood chips, twigs, wood sawdust, palm fiber, logs etc.
  4. The finished pellets is with smooth surface and high density through the large pressure in the pellet mill.
  5. The ring die wood pelleting mill adopts imported FAG bearing and oil seal, improving the production stability, efficiency meanwhile reducing the noise.
  6. With the same distance between the outer and dinner roller, the wear and tear of the machine is less.
  7. Special lubrication system is equipped to allow the operator lubricate the machine during the producing processing of the machine.

Industrial Wood Pellet Projects

Industrial Wood Pellet Projects
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Commercial Value of Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill

Nowadays, international trade is growing vigorously. The ring die wood pellet mill, widely used for industry, has a super high commercial value in the trade across international boundary.

  • First of all, for the people who use the pellet mill in pellets production line or pellets making factories, purchasing this equipment is more cost-effective, because the price is reasonable while its production capacity is large, producing much more profits during the long service time.
  • Next, the increasing demand for wood pellets around the world leads a good development of the pellet mill. With the bright future prospect, the industrial pellet machine is enough to occupy the market. For the investors, investing the large scale wood pellet mill can gain higher profits.
  • At last, the machine has the same commercial value for the manufacturers as well. Generally, what the manufacturers regard as important is the utility of the product. The large scale wood pellet mill has wide utilities, used in the large scale production line, pellets making factory or factories needing big amount of wood pellets. Therefore, with the broad market added, whether the products are sold in wholesale or retail, producing this equipment can create considerable benefit for the manufacturers.

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