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Main Points in Choosing Pellet Mill Equipment

There are now plenty of pellet mill equipment manufacturers in the market: their equipments are in different models and qualities. This brings difficulties to customers to decide which pellet mill equipment and manufacturer to choose. As a renowned pellet equipment manufacturer, GMECO has supplied countless pellet mill equipments with high quality and low price to customers all over the world. GEMCO has rich experience in biomass pellet making industry. Now we would like to list some main points that buyers shall pay attention to when they buy pellet mill equipment.

 pellet mill equipment
flat die pellet mill equipment

1. Choose the pellet mill in accordance with local raw material status, for example, moisture content, price, quantity, composition, distance from the pellet making site, etc.
2. According to your existing power and the power configuration that you can access in the future. The equipment shall consume some amount of electric power to turn into energy for making qualified pellets.
3. Before you buy pellet equipment, make sure to inspect the local pellet market (or exporting market), and the pellet consumption situation.
4. Determine the pellet mill equipment capacity you need.
5. Pay attention to the after sales service of the manufacturer: this is the basic guarantee.
6. Make an insight into the professionalism, practicability and operability of the pellet mill equipment. Normally reliable pellet mill manufacturers are able to supply complete equipment introduction, operating instructions and even send engineers to give customers professional guidance and training.
7. Old pellet mill manufacturers may not have advantages in price, but they have superiorities in texture, technology, allocation, accuracy, precision and reliability.
8. User shall think about whether to allocate a single set of pellet mill equipment, or multiple sets of equipments, so as to make labor allocation rational and decrease pellet production cost. Mature pellet mill manufacturer will recommend the suitable special arrangement of pellet mill equipment for customers.
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