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Making Easy and Quick Fuel with Paper Briquette Press

Using Paper Briquettes as Fuel in Life

About paper, we use it everyday, namely we produce waste paper every day. All of us know that we should save the paper, because the paper is made from trees, so we should save using paper in order to protect tree resource. But there are very few people who notice that manage the used paper well is also one way to save our energy. Generally, we shred the used papers into chips, especially for the used papers with important things about secrete, we will burn them into ashes. Therefore, since the used papers will be burnt, why don’t make the paper-burning be useful for our life?
waste paperpaper briquettes
(Turn waste paper into paper briquettes by paper briquette press)
Making used papers into briquette can not only solving the waste paper storing problem, but also provide our life value. We can use the paper briquettes for daily cooking and winter heating. And the compressed paper briquette can burn for longer time with more heat value, no ashes produced, is one green and good fuel. Besides, making paper briquettes is easy and quick, you can even make paper briquettes in your backyard, what you need only is the paper briquette press.

Making Paper Briquette with Paper Briquette Press

Paper briquette press, adopting machinery shocking on the papers, compressing them into density solid paper briquettes, is called punching paper briquette maker as well.
Making Paper Briquette with Paper Briquette Press
(Punching Type Paper Briquette Press)
Making paper briquette is easy, at the beginning, you need to collect amount of papers like waste newspapers, waste cardboard, shredded papers etc. In order to make better quality paper briquette fuel, small amount of sawdust or woodchips will be added into the paper materials. The paper briquette maker requires the moisture content of raw material should be kept around 15%, and the size should kept within 20 mm. We have relative machines including dryer and crushing machine for moisture content adjustment and size reduction, you can choose to equip them if they are needed according to your requirements and actual situation.

When the raw materials enter into the feeding box of the paper briquette press through the conveyor, the two augers in both sides of the feeding box will press them into the compression chamber. The main motor is driven by the eccentric wheel driving the punching stem, then the plunger punches the papers in a speed of 280 times per minutes with reciprocating motion. At that moment, the paper materials begins to warm and soften due to the compression between the plunger and forming mould. With the punching force, the materials become density, solid and form into briquettes.

The fresh produced paper briquettes has a high temperature, so you should make it cool by placing them in a cooling area. If you make paper briquettes in large scale production factory, cooling machine and packing machine are suggested to equip for your production thus shortening the cooling and packing time with improving the production efficiency. (Paper Briquette Line>>)

Highlights of Paper Briquette Press

  1. Paper briquette press can not only produce briquettes, but also produce pellets, meeting the requirement of different applications, for instance, pellet is used for frying tea, BBQ, while briquette is used for cooking and stove.
  2. Paper briquettes press adopts the slider-crank mechanism for punching with high frequent, compression and temperature, the density of paper briquette can reach to 1000-1300kg/m3, which is easy to store, transport, saving space.
  3. All the components of our paper briquette press are lubricated by the oil bump with force, making sure the continuous production and improving the production efficiency.
  4. Wide application. Paper briquette maker can be used for making paper briquette fuel in backyard, paper recycling station and green fuel production factory.
  5. Using paper briquette press can solve many problem, including waste paper dealing, much space cost for paper storing, easily getting mouldy, green energy shortage, and most importantly, it turns the waste into the energy serving for our life.