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Mini Wood Pellet Mill Offers You the Best Pellets

As the increasing of the fossil fuel price and the intensity of the environmental pollution especially the air pollution, people begin to focus on the energy fuel, and the bio-pellet was born in the right moment which leads the development of the pellet mill, the machine makes pellet production easier and simpler, and speaking of the simplicity, the mini wood pellet mill can be listed in No.1.
mini wood pellet mill

Instruction of mini wood pellet mill

From the denotation of the name, we can know mini wood pellet mill is a small pellet mill. Mechanically, it is flat die pellet mill, mainly consisting of pellet die, press roller, principle axis, bearing. The mini wood pellet machine has two types, D-type and R-type, the former is based on the die rotating, and the latter is based on the roller rotating. For different requires of the clients, the mini wood pellet is equipped with four kinds of powers, electric motor-driven, diesel engine, gas engine and PTO. And the output capacity is in a range of 50 kg to 400 kg per hour. >>more Mini Wood Pellet Mill Parameter

For making wood pellet, the raw material comes first. Several kinds of raw material can be made into pellets by this equipment, the agro waste like straw, stalk, rice husk, corn stover etc. and forestry waste like sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, tree branches etc. and the moisture of the raw material is required not below 13%.

The operation processing is easy. Firstly, feed the pre-processed raw material into the feeder, and the raw material will enter the chamber by its own weight. Secondly, under the extrusion of both the pellet die and the press roller, the material is squeezed through the die hole. Lastly, after cooling, the wood pellet with even size is formed. Additionally, the length of the pellets can be controlled according to your require.

Reasons of choosing mini wood pellet mill

  1. Simple structure. The mini wood pellet mill is in small size with simple structure. It can be moved to anywhere you feel the most proper and operator can install the machine easily. When trouble happens, the operator can looking for it easily just seeing through the pellet chamber and solve it easily.
  2. Low cost. The mini wood pellet press can be operated by one operator, saving labor; both of pellet die and press roller are equipped with high-quality alloy steel, thus are not easy to abrade, saving the maintenance cost.
  3. Low consumption. This small wood pellet press requires three-phase power in a range of 5.5kw to 22kw, saving the energy consumption.
  4. Our small wood pellet mill is equipped with four kinds of powers, you can choose it for your require.
  5. Wide applications. The small wood pellet machine is not only used for home use, but also used in small scale pellet production line.
  6. Various size of pellets can be made. For satisfying the different requires from the clients, the mini wood pellet press is equipped with different die apertures(4-12mm) and kinds of corresponding compress ratio. What the operator need to do is only to replace the die, the proper size of pellets can be made easily.

Benefits of pellets made by mini wood pellet mill

Made by our small wood pellet mill, the wood pellet is with high hardness and smooth surface. And it can be burned fully without much dust left which is friendly to the environment.

In a word, turning waste into biomass pellets for fuel is good for you and the environment.

Usages of mini wood pellet mill

As the fourth largest energy, biomass fuel plays an important role around the world. Usually, the mini wood pellet mill is used for fuel, so, it is often used in the home for heating and cooking, industry boiler and stove, electricity station, etc. Additionally, due to the high absorption of the wood pellets, the machine is used in the animal farm and the animal bedding factory.

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