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Natural Cat Litter Pellets Made by Cat Litter Pellets Mill

Cat litter pellets mill uses speed rotating mechanical shearing power and the resulting air power, the constant usage of the fine powder material in the machine, granulating process, spheroidizing, in order to accomplish the objective of granulation. There are many natural materials to make cat litter pellets with cat litter pellets mill, like pine wood, waste paper, etc.

There are two type cat litter pellets mills: flat die pellets mill (small scale), ring die pellets mill (large scale). Flat die pellets mill is suitable to home use and the ring die type is suitable to commercial trade. 

Why use cat litter pellet?

Cat litter dependably has some smell, regardless of whether you are a family to one of them or not you more likely than not encountered the odor eventually, and presumably disliked it. There is an answer for that. That is using cat litter pellets. However, some cat litter pellets can't totally take care of the unscented issue. Cat managers can show themselves how to create paper pellets for cat litter utilization, guaranteeing that their cat condition is kept up to the required gauges for the advantage of the cat, as well as the home. The best thing is that cats are tolerant creatures and they will sit tight on the pellets you are getting ready to prepare. What's more, it doesn't appear at all troubled by it. Cat litter can be irritating, yet the arrangements normal in the market don't see that productive with respect to giving an answer.

Advantages of Pine Wood cat litter pellets

pine wood cat litter pellets mill
  • Pine wood cat litter pellets have high ability in hygroscopicity, deodorization, antibacterial, it can quickly absorb the water in pet excrement and decompose the ammonia molecules in the excrement, which is better than the traditional cat litter.
  • Because the pine kitty litter pellets are relatively large, it is more economical to use, saving two-thirds of the traditional cat litter.
  • The pine pellets are dust-free and healthier for cats and cat owners.
  • Pine cat litter have high friction between pellets, it is not easy to roll. The stability of this kind of cat litter is better, make cat won't feel hollow. Longer-haired cats are more suitable for this type of cat litter because this cat litter will not stick easily into the hair and will not be taken out of the litter box by the cat after it has finished.
  • Clean up is also more convenient, can be directly poured into the toilet rinse, you can also burn it directly.

Advantages of Paper Pellets for Cat Litter

  • Paper cat litter is a decent option of conventional here is the manner by which to make them without a machine.
  • Shred the newspaper in the paper shredder and gather in one place.
  • Soak the paper in warm water at that point add to the warm water dish cleanser. The paper won't tell the truth and free of newspaper ink, but in any event, your comfort ought to be that the liquid turns dim.
  • Channel the water at that point rehash the dousing procedure short the cleanser.
  • Sprinkle some baking soda onto the wet paper and work it into the blend.
  • Ensure the rest of the water is totally dry, ideally by pressing it out.
  • Crumble the consequence over the screen and leave the buildup to dry.

After the paper dries out totally, put around two crawls into the litter box. Since this procedure is generally basic, consider creating a lot of it at a go. The primary detriment of this procedure is the little tidy that consequences from shredding paper can be harmful and even prompt breathing problems over the long haul. A cat litter pellets process is, therefore, best.

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