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Pellet Mill China Develops Vigorously

Background of Pellet Mill China

Pellet mill industry, as a multi-disciplinary crossing industry, focuses on researching and developing the renewable energy, to relieve the pressure of the energy source and make contribution to the human sustainable development.

The history of the pellet mill can be tracked back to the birth of the first pelleting mill. In 1900, the pellet press consisting of a pair of roller has been developed. The working principle is simple: the two rollers rotate in the contrary direction to press the material into the middle of them thus the pellets were formed but with low density. After 10 years, pelleting mill with screw transmission has been developed by the Sizer company in UK, with the finished production formed with cylindrical shape, and can be cut into uniform length. Later, with blooming of the scientific technology, the pelleting mill has been updated generation by generation, with the flat die and ring die pelleting mill has been developed successfully one and another.

When time went to 1980s, many countries around the America and Europe has been established their pellet mill industry. At that time, China began to catch up the opportunity to research and develop pelleting mill. Although pelleting mill in China has a late beginning, the development is in a fast speed. Until now, the pellet mill China has been exported to plenty of countries around the world, with good reputation, taking an important part of the world pellet mill industry.

Why Does Pellet Mill China Develop Fast?

  • Support of government. Chinese government has launched the Renewable Energy Law as early as 2006, striving to develop the renewable energy sources and invest plenty of money into renewable energy researching and development which stable the base of the development of pelleting mill in China.
  • Rich material. China is a big agricultural country with a mount materials like agro and forestry waste which can be used for making pellets.
  • Huge demand for green energy. From the ancient time, Chinese has been using fossil source to heat and cook. So far, in order to replace the energy sources which is harmful to the environment, biomass pellet production became the ideal for solving the problem, thus the demand for pelleting mill is increasing then.
  • Efficient competitive. As the developing of the pellet mill China, among the manufacturers has formed a competition, which brings benefits to the customers. The customers from home and abroad are able to buy the best quality pelleting mill of China with competitive price.
pellet mill China

The Best Pellet Mill in China

Speaking of buying pelleting mill in China that has to mention these best pellet mill China manufacturers.

The first one is GEMCO pellet mill which is the pioneer and the senior manufacturer of pelleting mill industry. Since 90th last century, GEMCO has been well known for its wide range of product: small wood pellet press, mini feed pellet mill, portable pellet press and large scale pellet production line.

Muyang is also one of the best pellet mill manufacturer of China, established in 1969. Muyang is the international feed pellet mill supplier, with high efficiency, safety and flexibility. The production capacity of their pelleting mill can be 1.5 -27 ton per hour.

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