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Purchase Notes of Wood Chip Pellet Mill

Most consumers have the same mentality about what kind of wood chip pellet mill they buy, which means they want to buy cheap, good quality products, no matter what they buy. Biomass wood chip pellet mill to highly efficient and stable for production, with their own and the stability of the equipment is inseparable, like wooden barrel effect, if something wrong happens to one of the links will drag down the whole production efficiency. Then in the purchase of wood chip pellet mill is the same truth, needless to say, of course, also want to buy good quality machine, so for the vast number of users in choosing a wood chip pellet machine how to judge the merits of the quality and products?

wood chip pellet mill
wood chip pellet mill
The following is to share with the general user the raw material wood chip pellet mill purchase instructions:
  • When choosing wood chip pellet mill, it is necessary to choose stable performance, the equipment configuration is good, the appearance design is reasonable, the design of the electric control box is safe and reliable.
  • The wood chip pellet mill chooses, should choose according to oneself circumstance, the family uses 3 phase electricity 220v to be able to use commonly and the factory uses 3 phase electricity 380v.
  • Users in the purchase of wood chip pellets mill must give their raw materials to factory technical personnel to explain in detail, so that technical staff can be good for you to recommend suitable for your wood chip pellet machine. It can also avoid various problems in the future work production.
  • Choose wood chip pellet mill, be sure to choose professional manufacturer, if you choose to manufacturers are small workshops or some individuals to open small factory, the quality and after-sale there is absolutely no guarantee. Suggest you choose regular manufacturer, quality not only has safeguard, and the after sale problem that buys hind, can have no worries completely.