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The Quality of Charcoal Briquettes Made by Charcoal Making Machine

Screw charcoal making machine can make biomass materials like wood, sawdust, straw etc. into quadrangular or hexagonal prisms biomass or wood briquettes, which is not the final charcoal briquettes. The biomass or wood briquettes after carbonized into charcoal briquettes.
biomass or wood briquettes VS charcoar briquettes
The charcoal briquettes made by charcoal making machine can be only set different indexes according to the usage. It usually sets moisture content, volatile component rate, ash content, fixed carbon content, calorific value, natural burning time, volume and weight proportion, etc.

Low-temperature charcoal index

The low-temperature charcoal is made under 500°, and it is not easy to extinguish in the kiln while it is easy to rekindle after going out of the kiln. The outer volume is about 45*45mm, the surface is rough without rigidity. The proportion is 0.9, and it is easy to break and is fragile. Besides, it is easy to be ignited, the natural burning time is about 2-4 hours. The calories is 6500-7000, the ash content is 6-8%, the fixed carbon content is 80%, the volatile component is 15-20%. There is residue combustible gas and smoke being discharged. The charcoal stick yield is 35% and the lowest sale price is 3200yuan/t.

Middle-temperature charcoal index

The middle-temperature charcoal is made under 700-800°, the fire is easy to blow out in the kiln and not easy to be ignited. The outline is 38-40mm, and it has rigidity and tenacity. It is not easy to be break, and its surface is bright and clean with hoary. The proportion is 1-1.05. The natural burning time is 5-6 hours. The heat has 8000-8500 calories. The ash content is 4-5%, the carbon content is 92%, volatile component is 6%, smokeless, tasteless and non-toxic, the charcoal stick yield is 30-32%, the sale price is about 3800 yuan/t. It is one of the largest number in the production

High-temperature charcoal index

High-temperature charcoal is made under 800-950°, the outer volume is only between 36-38mm, the proportion is 1.1, the natural burning time is 8 hours, the heat has 8500-9000 calories, the ash content is lower than 4%, the carbon content is higher 95%, the volatile component is lower than 3%, the clean energy has zero release, the charcoal yield is 30%, the sale price is 4500 yuan/t. The quality is the best. It is mainly exported-oriented.
Different carbonization temperature determines the quality of the finished charcoal briquettes. We have our own charcoal making factory. We have rich experience and excellent technology in making charcoal briquettes.
screw charcoal making machine
screw charcoal making machine
charring furnace or charcoal kiln
charring furnace or charcoal kiln

The main equipment for making charcoal briquettes: Screw Charcoal Making Machine, Charring Furnace or Charcoal Kiln. More technology for making charcoal briquettes, please contact us.