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Wood Briquette Press Making Green Fuel with Waste Materials

Wide Raw Materials for Wood Briquette Press

Wood briquette press is specially designed for making biomass waste materials into green wood briquette fuel. Our designed punching type wood briquetting press can not only make briquette fuel but also make pellet fuel. Why it can make green fuel? That should owe to the raw materials for making briquettes. Various of biomass materials can be used in briquette production.
Wide Raw Materials for Wood Briquette Press
  • Forestry residues. Wood like hemlock, coast redwood, pine, birch, hops, larch, oak, hickory, shrub, alder, cypress, eucalyptus etc, these kinds of wood are the good raw materials for making fuel briquettes. But due to the long growing period of tree, forestry residues are usually used in fuel briquette production, including wood chips, barks, branches, twigs, sawdust, shavings, wood waste etc, you can easily find those waste materials near the park, wood factory, furniture making factory and boat factory etc.
  • Crop residues. Agriculture is one of the most important industry of human, thus a mount of agriculture residues are abandoned in the field after people have harvested the crop. The crop residue has multiple types, including rice husk, rice straw, almond shell, bagasse, corn rod, cotton stalk, cottonseed hull, betelnut shell, maize straw, pineapple shell, peanut shell, sorghum stalk, wheat straw, vegetable vine etc.
  • Others. Except the materials mentioned above, there are some other kinds of materials, such as, palm fiber, decoction dregs, after-decoration wastes and household wastes, even the animal waste like cow dung, horse manure, cattle manure etc.

Wood Briquette Press Features

Wood Briquette Press Features
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  • This punching type wood briquette press, mainly composed of briquette machine, feeder, electric control cabinet, has a strict requirement for raw material including not-over 15% moisture content.
  • This punching wood briquetting press adopts belt conveyor or screw conveyor to feeding the raw materials into the material bin which has two augers in both sides to press the raw materials in to material pressing chamber.
  • The inertia wheel is equipped to connect the briquette machine, matching the 45kw main motor which drives the connecting rod to attack the raw materials in a speed of 280 times per minutes. After that, raw material starts to soften with the increasing temperature, is formed into solid briquettes with high density and at last is discharged by the forming mould.
  • This wood briquette press adopts the crank block mechanism to attack the raw materials, the density of finished product reaches 1000-1300kg/m3, and has good adaptation for raw materials. Moreover, all the components are lubricated by the oil bump, to make sure the safe and continuous briquette production.
  • Multiple-type moulds are equipped in our GC-MBP series wood briquette machine, including 8mm, 10mm, 22mm, 30mm, 70mm, and the production capacity ranges from 600kg/h to 1.2 t/h.

Why Use Wood Briquette Press?

Machinery superiority

  1. Making forestry waste, agro residues and other wastes into fuel briquette is a convenient and economical way to deal with the wastes, not only saving the cost of waste dealing but also reducing the fuel cost.
  2. Equipped with high quality components, our GC-MBP series wood briquette press can save 50% of energy.
  3. This punching wood briquette press can make pellet and briquette fuel, what you only need to do is to changing the mould which is able to be customized by us according to your requirements.
  4. The key machinery components adopt high quality material to manufacture, prolonging the service time of wood briquette press.
  5. Finished product advantages
  6. Due to the large pressure in wood briquette press, the finished briquette, having high density, uniform size and small volume, saving storing space, easy to pack into bags or box, transport and manage.
  7. Wide applications. Different size of briquettes can be used in different places. The finished product with small size called fuel pellet with 8mm-diameter and 10mm diameter can be used for BBQ and frying tea; while the large size briquette with diameter of 22mm, 30mm, 70 can be used for home heating, cooking industrial boiler and power generation.
  8. The briquette fuel is made from biomass raw materials with full combustion and high caloric value, can be burned with longer time without harmful smoke produced into the air, avoiding polluting our environment.

If you have any idea of wood briquette press, please contact us for professional guidance.