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Wood Pellet in Denmark Market 2016-2050

Wood Pellet Consumption

Denmark is a large wood pellet importing country, and a large wood pellet using country. It consumed 917000 tons of pellets in 2005 and 1719000 tons in 2010. In the beginning, this country mainly use the wood pellets for heating and electricity generation now for multiple uses. This country imports about more than 85% of its annual wood pellet consumption. And the main countries of imports are N. America and Northern Russia/Siberia.

Pellet importation 2001-2008
Time 2008 2006 2004 2001
Import 925.401t 841.132t 470.588t 200.871t
Ratio 87% 94% 64% 50%

EFB pellet market in Denmark

At this time they do not use EFB pellets. There are two main reasons that explain why they would like use wood pellets than EFB pellets.

  • Ash content. Wood pellets has 0.5% while EFB has 5%.
  • Pellet color. The Danish think that the light color pellet is cleaner. And the wood pellet color is lighter than EFB pellet color.

For the above reason, EFB pellet price is competitive that is lower than wood pellet price, but the EFB pellet market is not better than wood pellet.
EFB pellet a kind of biomass energy is a better choice compared with the fossil fuels for the source of palm is wide and the price is more reasonable.

Wood Pellet Development Prospect in Denmark

Denmark government has a long-term vision that is Denmark will be independent of fossil fuels by 2050 which will reduce the GHG by 80-95% compared with 1990. That is a conversion to the Denmark energy system, the danish are going to be away from coal, oil, and gas, and the Danish target is 100% use of biomass by 2050.
Besides, the tax for different fuels are different, the following chart shows the great advantage of wood pellets for government won’t collect any tax to wood pellets.

Wood Pellet Development prospect in Denmark


Opportunities to Pellet Producers

That is a great opportunity for the wood pellet producers, though the main suppliers are N. America and Northern Russia/Siberia, from the wood pellet using trend, we can see that the pellet quantity demand of Denmark will be larger and larger, so there will be more pellet suppliers who is going to be needed.
But the premise is that the pellet quality should meet the Danish requirement. ABC Machinery is an experienced pellet mill producer and supplier. We have high quality of pellet mill. We will help you to set up the pellet mill plant and give you the professional technical guidance to produce superior wood pellets.