4.5-6T/H Sawdust Pellet Plant in Chile

4.5-6T/H Sawdust Pellet Plant in Chile Panorama
Panorama of Sawdust Pellet Plant

Raw materials:       Chips mixture of pines and eucalyptus
Required output:    4.5-6t/h
Project location:     Chile

Sawdust Pellet Mill Plant Production Process

  • Grind the chips into sawdust by the grinder.
  • The elevator lifts the sawdust to the wet stock bin.
  • The sawdust is transported to the dryer for drying by the belt conveyor.
  • The dried materials go into the drying stock bin.
  • Three 508 sawdust pellet mill make pellets together.
  • The produced sawdust pellets are sent to the cooling machine for cooling.
  • The end product of pellets are lifted by the elevator to the pellet stock bin for a packaging in tons or a small-sized packing.

Highlights of Pellet Production Line

  • The grinder is equipped with draught fan and bag filter, which reduces the dust effectively.
  • The drying system is equipped with fluidized bed combustion boiler, and there is a special grinder that is used to supply materials for it. The heat supplied to the roller is monitored by the thermal probe at the rear of the flue. The rear of the roller is also equipped with a thermal probe, which is convenient to control the discharging moisture.
  • The roller rotation speed, the feeding of pellet mill and grinder are all controlled by the device with a better digital speed control.
hammer mills
Three Hammer Mills
drum dryer
Drum Dryer
3 BPM508 pellet mills
Three BPM508 Pellet Mills
pellet cooler and packing machine
Pellet Cooler And Packing Machine
pine and eucalyptus mixture pelletspine and eucalyptus sawdust pellets
Pine And Eucalyptus Mixture Pellets