Wood Pellet Mill Plant in Malaysia

This wood pellet mill plant is located in Selangor about 2km to the Part kLang. This customer has purchased BPM508 wood pellet mill before to produce pellets, he wants to broaden the scale of his production line. So he purchases 2 BPM420 wood pellet mills, dryer and other auxiliary equipments.  The maximum yield of this production line can reach 2000 tons per month.
This production line produces two kinds of pellets, 8mm and 6mm.
Wood Pellet Mill Plant
Production Line Main Body
3t/h drying system
3t/h Drying System 
electronic control system
Electric Control System
8mm wood pellets
8mm Wood Pellets

Raw Materials of Wood Pellet Mill Plant:

  • Wood shavings and sawdust from the furniture factory
  • Sawdust from sawmill

Two Processing Procedure of Wood Pellet Mill Plant

Processing One:
  • Dry materials
  • Sieving (Siever)
  • Pelletizing (Wood pellet mill)
  • Cooling (Cooler )
  • Packing (Packing machine)
Processing Two
  • Wet materials
  • Drying (Dryer, like rotary dryer,etc)
  • Sieving (Siever)
  • Pelletizing (Wood pellet mill)
  • Cooling (Cooler) 
  • Packing (Packing machine)