ABC Machinery Help You Build Industry Briquetting Machine

Brief Introduction to Industry Briquetting Machine

Industry briquetting machine is a kind of briquette machine that has large output. It is also called large briquette machine. The industry briquetting machine is usually used in the briquette production line. If your raw materials condition is proper in the size and moisture content and other factors, you can use the single machine to produce briquettes. Our large briquette machine can process many kinds of raw materials, such as wood, sawdust, stalk, bamboo powder, peanut shells, etc. Those raw materials are turned into biomass briquettes by the industry briquetting machinery.
industry briquetting machine

Industry Briquetting Machine in The Briquette Production Line

The large briquette production line includes a series of auxiliary machines and several industry briquetting machines. The auxiliary machines: log splitter, peeling machine, chipping machine, crushing machine(hammer mill), drying machine (rotary drum drier). You can choose some of the machines according to the raw materials situation. The industry briquetting machine is the key part in the whole production line. The yield of the production line is decided by the quantity of the industry briquette machines. Also it is related to the briquette machine quality. High quality of briquette machine can be used for long time while during the service life time, it can produce more briquettes bringing more profits to the owners.
industry briquetting machine line process.jpg

The Industry Briquetting Machine with High Cost Performance

The industry briquetting machine of ABC Machinery has high cost performance. The machine adopts superior material that has high hardness and durability. The quick-wear parts like roller and die use even harder materials which will prolong the service life of them. The large briquette machine of our company has a reasonable price. For that reason, there has been many customers from more than 50 countries to buy our industry briquette machine and other biomass machines.
ABC Machinery has been in the biomass machine manufacturing field for more than 10 years, and we has calculated many experiences and our technology is mature. Our company can supply the service of designing, installing and debugging, etc. If you have any problems, you can ask us by calling a phone or sending an E-mail. We will explain to you in detail. Our after service is also a highlight and if you buy the industry briquetting machine in our company, yon won’t regret. We hope that you can have a happy experience during the purchase journey.