Best Rice Husk Pellet Mill Gives Higher Quality of Rice Husk Pellets

Rice Husk Pellet Mill Introduction
Rice husk pellet mill uses the rice husks to produce pellet fuels. This kind of pellet mill can work by single machine, it can produce pellets by the whole set of pellet production plant. There are mobile rice husk pellet mill production plant which is also named small rice husk pellet mill plant, and large rice husk pellet mill plant. The scale of pellet mill production line is designed by the actual need of the customers. With the clean energy development, the biomass energy is gradually going into people’s view and begins to take a large part of the energy ranks. So the rice husk pellet mill will be more and more popular in the future.

Pellet Mill for Making Rice Husk

rice husk pellet mill
Materials Average diameter Ash content Average density Moisture content Calorific value
Rice husk 2-3mm 15-16% 500kg/m3 About 12% 10-13kj/kg
Rice husk pellets 8-10mm 6-7% 1120kg/m3 10-12% 15-16kj/kg
From the chart, we can know that, the same components with different contents have different status and results. After the compression of rice husk pellet mill, the rice husk becomes pellets. High density of the pellets burns longer than the rice husk and the pellets have a higher calorific value than the rice husk.
Why Make Pellets from Rice Husk?
In the world, especially in Asia. According to the statistics, rice is the third-highest world production. Thus rice husk has a relatively high production, too. Usually the rice husks are burned directly in the stoves. But they can not be used efficiently. And the inefficient burning of the rice husk gives huge burden to the environment. Besides, the optional stack is easy to lead to fires, which is dangerous and the rice husk takes up a lot of space. So finding a method to solve the rice husk is an urgency.

Rice Husk Pellet Mill Manufacturer

As for the rice husk pellet mill manufacturer, we can say that, thousands of manufacturers are on the way. The emerging industry certainly will lead a part of people to go that way for more and more people see the opportunity to earn money by produce rice husk pellet mills. And the manufacturer’s number is along with the rice husk pellet mill demand. When the pellet mill market can not meet some people’s need, it will produce another pellet mill manufacturers to make up the insufficiency. During so many manufacturers, how do we stand out and go far? That is a question. ABC Machinery insists the honesty and quality from beginning to end, so we go through for more than ten years and get many recognition of our clients.
When the rice husk is pelletized into pellets, there will be many advantages that you are not imaging.
  1. The combustion rate of rice husk is highly improved, and that is nearly 95%.
  2. The ash content is decreased into the lowest.
  3. The rice husk pellets takes a relatively small space, and they are easy to store.
  4. The rice husk pellets are friendly to the environment.
  5. The rice husk pellets can be used in anywhere that needs heat from burning.
The advantages of rice husk pellets are more, we can not describe one by one. The most important thing that we should know is that the rice husk needs to use rice husk pellet mill to be pressed. A good quality of rice husk pellet mill can produce higher quality of rice husk pellets, ABC Machinery supplies you with the best rice husk pellet mills.