Briquette Machine Guide for Making Biomass Briquettes

Briquette Machine Guide to Overview

As we can see, the air pollution has been a problem which cannot be ignored. Mainly, air pollution is caused by using solid fuel and old-fashioned stoves during the heating and the cooking. Actually, burning of solid fuel is not only pollute the air, but also influence our eye and breathing problem, even causes the deforestation. At the same time, there are many waste material like sawdust, rice husk, crop straw and other agro and forestry waste in our daily life, they don’t get dealt well. Biomass briquettes have been born in this right moment, which leading the developing of the briquette machine. But not all people who have waste material know the information about the briquetting machine, this briquette machine guide provides the relevant information to be able to produce this low-cost fuel for household, commercial use etc.

finished products by briquette machine finished products by briquette machine
(finished products by briquette machine)
Biomass briquette is clean-burning and easy-to-handle fuel made by briquette machine, it can cut the waste and carbon emissions well. Various materials can be made into biomass briquettes, like sawdust, rice husk, peanut shell, cotton rod, twigs, sorghum shell, branch etc. It is generally acknowledged that there is a kind of matter in the plant cells called lignin which can be softened in a high temperature to bonded with cellulose in large pressure thus being formed into briquettes.

Briquette Machine Guide to Features

Briquette equipment is a machine making agro and forestry waste into biomass fuel used for home heating and cooking, public heating, industry stoves etc. The briquette press can make materials into briquettes in diameter of 8mm to 70 mm. The finished production can be cylinder, cube and brick due to the different processing craft.

The briquetting machine is generally divided into three types, screw type, mechanical stamping type, hydraulic type. Each has its specific features.

Screw Type Briquette Machine

screw type briquette machineThe screw type briquette machine, as the first type of biomass briquette making machine, is mainly used for making charcoal and biomass briquettes with cylindrical or hollow center shapes, and the finished products are with a surface of carbonizing, so it is also named charcoal briquette machine. Due to the simple processing principle, the charcoal briquetting machine is easy to learn and operate. For the operator, the most important thing to worry about is the compression ratio between the screw rod and the sleeve. But there are some manufacturers can do very well with this problem by equipping screw rod and sleeve with proper confirmed compression ratio in the machine thus becoming more popular with clients.

Mechanical Stamping Type Briquetting Machine

mechanical stamping briquette machineDiffered from the screw type briquette machine on working principle, the mechanical stamping briquette machine adopts the mechanical stamping working principle, thus shaping the high-density briquettes by giving great pressure on the material. It requires the material moisture content should be kept in around 15%, and the material length should kept within 20 mm.

The performance of the stamping briquetting machine is more stable due to its low cost on the maintenance of the mould, and it has more wider range of applications.

Hydraulic Type Briquette Machine

The hydraulic briquette machine, powered by the hydraulic pressure, is featured with low power, low noise, space saving and reliable performance. Equipped with perfect overload protection system, the hydraulic briquette equipment makes biomass briquettes through forward and backward of the hydraulic cylinder controlled by the solenoid directional valve. And the hydraulic type machine is mainly suggested to used for small scale production in the small farm, small workshop etc. because of its relatively small production capacity.

Briquette Machine Guide Help You to Use Briquetting Machine

Briquette machines are mainly used for home heating and cooking, household fireplace, enterprise and public institution heating, communal heating, industrial boiler, even biomass power generation. It has various benefits.

Firstly, the material is easy to collect. The briquette machine makes briquettes by using agro and forestry waste like sawdust, cotton rod, peanut shell, sorghum shell, rice husk, twigs, branch, wood chips, shavings etc. And, the finished briquettes can take the place of the traditional solid fuel like charcoal or coal because of its full combustion without waste and dust, thus reducing air pollution. Besides, the briquettes is stored easily, you can put them into bags, box, tins or metal bucket without worrying about its going bad.

Briquette Machine Guide to See the Future

As the demand of human life increasing, the energy sources are getting less and less facing the situation of exhaustibility, especially the fossil fuels, so the cost of the conventional fuels increase more and more, which makes the increasing of the demand for the biomass fuels. We can say that biomass fuel has a good prospect, and the briquette machine industry has a great future too.

This briquette machine guide is made to help you know about briquette machine, if you have any other questions, contact us, we will give you the best service for you demand.