Briquette Maker Brings Huge Profits to You

The environmental awareness gains more and more popularity and people pay more attention on the usage of clean energy. The development of biomass compression molding technology promotes the process of environmental protection. Biomass compression becomes the main method of the new energy source. Recently, the market mainly sells the biomass briquettes with the shapes of solid rod, hollow rod (four or six arrises), biomass blocks, charcoal briquettes, etc. The tool to produce those biomass fuels is briquette maker. We will talk about the briquette maker at the following content.
Briquetting is the process to turn the biomass granularity into briquettes, and the key point of the process is briquette maker. There are many types of briquette maker, and the main types in the markets are punching briquette maker and screw briquette maker. They have their own advantages.

Punching Briquette Maker

Characteristic of Punching Briquette Maker
The raw materials range of punching briquette maker is wide, like agricultural wastes, sawdust, wood chips, forestry wastes, etc. All those wastes can be compressed into briquettes or pellets. Besides, the part of the briquette maker is easy to change, and one person can finish the work, which greatly saves labor cost and improve the production efficiency. Punching briquette maker has the durable parts that prolong the life span of the machine and save the cost.
Product Characteristic
Punching briquette maker has different specifications, so the product specifications are different. The punching briquette maker can produce the briquettes with the diameter of 8mm, 10mm, 22mm, 30mm, 70mm. Due to the different diameters, the yields are not the same. The yield is from 500kg-1000kg. 

Screw Briquette Maker

screw briquette maker
Working Principle of Screw Briquette Maker
The materials fall into the machine according to the gravity and are pushed into the compression mold, under the function of high pressure and high temperature, the briquettes are finished.
Characteristic of Screw Briquette Maker
The screw briquette maker is usually used to make charcoal briquettes, so it is also called charcoal briquette maker. The products produced by this machine has high combustible rate, low ash content, which greatly improve the usage rate of the traditional fuels. The price of the products are relatively low and the raw materials are reproducible, so they are popular in the market.
Product Characteristic
Different types of screw briquette makers can produce different types of products, and they can be hollow or solid. The size of product is different. The diameter is from 40-70mm.
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