Buy Cheap Pellet Mill with High Quality from ABC Machinery

We all want to buy the cheap pellet mill with high quality to produce pellets, but it is not easy to satisfy us: high quality with high price, poor quality with low price. Then where can we buy the satisfying pellet mill?
pellet-mill-from ABC Machinery
ABC Machinery is in the leading position in the pellet mill industry, for it has been in the industry for over ten years and has accumulated a wealth of experience, so the pellet mill quality is high and the price is relatively low. We always stand in the perspective of customers and we put the customer at the first position.
  1. ABC Machinery pellet mill adopts unique technology and special materials, and it is durable when you produce pellets normally, which reduces the spare parts repairing and changing times, saving a lot of costs;
  2.  We have a wide range of pellet mills, they can produce many kinds of biomass raw materials. The customer can choose the proper pellet mill according to your needs;
  3. The scale of pellet mill can be designed according to the actual situation;
  4. The pellet mill is equipped with the matched auxiliary equipments, which improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor costs;
  5. Compared with many same type of pellet mill manufacturers in the world, ABC Machinery pellet mill price is relatively reasonable.
At presently, our company has set up many successful projects in many countries, so the experience is rich. What we gain during those years heads from the effort of all people. Our high-quality technical team concentrate on the research and innovation of pellet mill trying to develop the product with even high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Through the pellet mill price is reasonable, there are a lot of people don’t understand why they should use pellets. For burning 1 ton of pellets can take place of 120 gallon of heating oil or 170 gallon of dimethylmethane or 16000 cubic foot of natural gas or 4775 KWH of electricity. Compared with the heating oil, using pellets can reduce about 1500 pound of carbon elimination. It reduces the greenhouse gas emission and the noxious pollutant like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and mercury.
Besides, a high-efficiency stove can reduce about 50 times of particular matters compared with the stove without CPA certification. Our company also provides the stove that is suitable for the pellets burning and that can increase the burning efficiency and the combustible rate of the pellets.
We pay more attention to the customer service, and the high quality of service will bring customer different experience.