Carbonization Furnace Turning Produce Green Charcoal

Using Effect of the Small Carbonization Furnace

Carbonization furnace is the Indispensable equipment for turning the biomass raw materials, products into carbon. Many raw materials can be processed into mechanical carbon powder and wood charcoal, such as, corn straw, rice husk, peanut shell, sunflower seed shell, coconut shell, branches, leaves, sawdust or some crop straw in north and south. It is usually used for matching to the charcoal briquette production line. One process is that it is equipped in the beginning of the processing, carbonizing the raw material first which is then crushed and formed into charcoal rob and briquettes with different shapes by the briquetting machinery. Another one is that it is used in the end processing. The raw material is formed into same size hollow briquettes through the briquetting machinery, then formed into the charcoal briquettes through the carbonization furnace.
Using Effect of the Small Carbonization Furnace

Update from the Traditional Carbonization Cave

The carbonization furnace is featured with short period replacing the old-fashion traditional carbonization cave, further saving the manual work and physical power. This equipment is developed with high carbonizing efficiency reaching to 99%, convenient for every user who wants to start a business. The charcoal furnace adopts the advanced technology which recycles, purifies, burns the combustible gas like carbon monoxide, methane, oxygen etc produced in the carbonization processing, not only solving the problem of dense smoke produced in the processing polluting the environment, but also solving the heat energy problem needed by the charcoal briquette machinery, fully realizing autonomous self, improving the continuity, economy of the equipment. Making full use of the agro and forestry residues, turning waste into treasure reduces the contradiction of tight supply and demand of forestry resources in China, thus making more contribution to green environment.

With no pollution to the environment and no smoke produced during the processing, the carbonization furnace adopts self- produced smoke to combust. The smoke produced in the carbonization processing is recycled, purified and reused, thus no pollution produced in the whole processing. Our factory are continuing to improve the equipment design of charcoal furnace, launching the new type equipment, standing in the forefront of the industry.

Different Applications of Carbonization Furnace

ABC Machinery designs and manufactures the carbonization furnace used for making the coconut, wood briquettes into charcoal briquettes. If the biomass charcoal is not used as energy fuel, it also can be processed into carbon-based slow-release fertilizer used for improving the soil fertility. In a word, biomass charcoal can be carbonized into different carbon according to the carbonization furnace, so does the application. The carbonization technology is helpful to improve the income of the famers, to protect the ecological protection and to solve the energy shortage problem.
charcoal briquette production line
Charcoal Briquette Production Line

Highlights of the Carbonization Furnace

  1. Short carbonization period, high efficiency, large output.
  2. No smoke, no dust, friendly to the environment.
  3. Easy operation, saving time and labor, no any risks.
  4. The produced product is certificated, the carbonization efficiency reaches to 100%, and the finished carbon briquettes is produced with elegant appearance, with no breaking and dust.
  5. The carbonization furnace is born at the right time, not only protecting the environment, but also turning waste into treasure, bringing the wealth to people, which can be said as a good equipment with multiple benefits.
  6. Using the charcoal furnace proves the equipment output, reduces the carbonization period, meanwhile creating a non-smoke environment and saving the energy resources through turning waste into treasure.