China Pellet Mill Grows in The Technological Era

Pellet mill in China is a new and potential industry, and its development accompanied the energy situation and environmental status. The first pellet mill was produced in California in 1931, then more and more manufacturers from the whole world followed in the feet.
China pellet mill

China Pelle Mill History 

The development of China pellet mill is relatively late than some developed countries. At the beginning, China was to introduce the pellet mill technology from the abroad and absorbed the essence then added some creation to the pellet mill. In the 1960s, China introduced the first pellet mill from the UMT company in UK. During the absorbing and researching process, China finally created the first pellet mill in the 1970s. That was an exciting moment which meant that we can develop and produce pellet mills that own ourselves. From then on, China tries to improve the pellet mill performance and continuously research the new type of pellet mill. Nowadays, China is no longer the one who introduces pellet mill technology from other countries and we have our own unique pellet mill technology to make the pellet mill more energy efficient and productive.

China Pellet Mill Prospect

Except for the technology of China pellet mill, China government gives great support to the biomass energy. The price of biomass pellet fuels is about 950RMB/T and the government will give subsidy about 200-500RMB/T which speeds up the development of China pellet mill. China is a big country of energy consumption, and the fossil fuels are in short supply, so the biomass energy has great potential in China energy market. But many industries that use energy don’t realize the environmental problems and continuously use fossil fuel to supply energy. Some of them even don’t know the exist of biomass pellets. So the China biomass energy market have great potential on consuming biomass pellets. Though the China pellets market is developing, there are many foreign countries that have the pellet consuming capacity like European countries. So many pellet mills made in China are sold to abroad.

China Pellet Mill Price 

Once people hearing the phrase “made in China” will come out of the word “cheap”. So why is the price of pellet mill made in China so cheap? Is the pellet mill quality good under the cheap price? For more and more manufacturers join the pellet mill market, low price becomes the market strategy to attract customers. Besides, the price is connected to the pellet mill materials. For example, the alloy materials is cheaper than the stainless steel, so the stainless steel pellet mill price is higher. What’s more, in China, the labor cost is relatively low, so the additional cost to the pellet mill is low, too. And China put great cares to the new energy industry, such as the policy about subsidy which shares some burden for the manufacturers. So we can not judge the pellet mill quality from the price. But you should choose the right pellet mill manufacturer.
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