Cotton Stalk Pellet Mill to Handle Cotton Stalks

Cotton Stalks
Cotton is the main economic crop, and it occupies about 40% of the global fiber production. The cellulose content is about 87%-90%. The highest production countries of cotton are China, America, India, Pakistan, Egypt, etc. Large production of cotton leaves huge amount of cotton wastes, the main waste is cotton stalks. The stalks are usually 1-2meters, when they are stacked, it will take up a relatively large space.
Contton stalks
Traditional Handling Method
So the cotton stalks are big problems. The usual handling method for people is to burn them directly. But there is a status that should be considered. The direct burning of the cotton stalks produces a lot of carbon dioxide, which will cause serious green house effect. The incomplete combustion produces somethings that will pollute the environment. So it is necessary to take measures to use the cotton stalks efficiently without side effect.

Cotton Stalk Pellet Mill Handling Method

Cotton stalk pellet mill is a machine that can solve the above problems efficiently. Cotton stalk pellet mill is one kind of pellet mills, and it can be cotton stalk ring die pellet mill or flat die pellet mill.
 Cotton stalk pellet millContton stalk pellet mill
How The Cotton Stalk Pellet Mill Works
Then how does it work? Before the cotton stalk pellet machine works, the cotton stalks need to be pre-treated. Firstly, you should grind the cotton stalks into fine pieces. Usually, the cotton stalks moisture content is under 20%, so you can dry them according to the actual situations. After the preparation is done, you can go on the pellets production.
Main Parts of Cotton Stalks Ring Die Pellet Mill
The main parts of the cotton stalk ring die pellet mill are ring die and roller. They press the cotton stalk into pellet fuels under the situation of high pressure and temperature. During the operation, you should operate the pellet mill according to the instruction for fear of the safety problems.
Cotton Stalk Pellet Mill Selling Points
  1. It adopts advanced materials to produce cotton stalk pellet mill, so the service life is long.
  2. Cotton stalk pellet mill has many types, and they have different capacities, you can choose the one that is suitable for you.
  3. The cotton stalk pellet mill cover not only has the beautiful appearance, but also has the safety function.
Usually, cotton stalk pellet mill is set up in the area where there has large amount of cotton stalks, for the enough raw materials are the basic guarantee of the production. It can be used by the individuals or the large factory. But the same goal is to get cotton stalk pellet fuels.

Cotton Stalks & Cotton Stalk Pellets

Compared with the cotton stalks, cotton stalk pellet fuels has a great change. See the following chart:
Materials Moisture content Ash content Average density Calorific value
Cotton stalk Under 20% 6.68% 500kg/m3 3700kcal/kg
Cotton stalk pellets 0.62% 2.02% 1120kg/m3 4231kcal/kg
From the chart we can see that the cotton stalk pellets have a lower moisture content and ash content. The low moisture content makes the pellets burn even efficiently so the calorific value increases from 3700kcal/kg to 4231kcal/kg.
Contton stalk pellets
We are purchasing a efficient pace of life, the current natural energy can not meet our requirement. So we should use the best way to solve that problems, that is to produce energy by ourselves. Well, the cotton stalk pellet mill is our tool, so we need make full use of cotton stalk pellet mill.