Customer Feedback Questions about Biomass Pelletizing Mill

Which biomass pelletizing mill is better for me?

Biomass Pelletizing Mill
There are two type biomass pelletizing mills: flat die and ring die pelletizing mill on the market. Our pellet machines are including flat die biomass pelletizing mill & ring die biomass pelletizing mill. Normally, the flat die pellet mills with small capacities are widely using in home or small industrial factories, and the ring die pellet mills with large capacities are widely using in large industrial factories to match the complete pellet production lines.

What is your experience with a slightly higher moisture content of 8%/10%. Does it break the machine?

If your sawdust moisture content is a slightly higher of 8-10%, the finished pellets are not easy to form and more it will create more smoking during production. No, it is not break the Machine. The pellet machine request the sawdust moisture content is about 13-15% to make pellets.

What kind of biomass pelletizing mill to make wood pellets?

Flat die biomass pelletizing mills are including D-Type(rotating Die) & R-Type(rotating Roller), the R-Type pellet mills are special for hard raw materials to make pellets ,such as hard wood, wood shavings, rice husk, peanut shell, coconut shell etc, the D-Type pellet mills are special for soft raw materials, such as corn ,grain, grass, straw etc.
You can choose our different types of machines upon your kinds of raw materials. General speaking, if the customers are planning to make feed pellets for poultry food, we will recommend our D-Type pellet machines to them. While if the customers are planning to make biomass pellets for heating as biofuel, we will recommend our R-Type pelletizing mills to them.
If your budget is not enough now and we welcome you choose our small model of ZLSP300B R-Type biomass pelletizing mill, when you plan to enlarge your capacity and you can choose our big model of pelletizing mill, as pellet machine professional manufactuer and we have confidence that we can win your more repeat orders.
Besides the ZLSP300B R-Type biomass pelletizing mill, our factory do also design the ZLSP400B R-Type biomass pelletizing mill with capacity about 350-450kg/hour, the ZLSP420B R-Type pelletizing mill with capacity 400-600kg/hour, the ZLSP550B R-Type pelletizing machine with capacity about 600-800kg/hour. So, you can choose them as per your requested capacity.