Do You Want A Palm Fiber Pellet Mill?

Brief Introduction to Palm Fiber Pellet Mill
Palm fiber pellet mill is a kind of pellet mill which is to process palm fiber into pellets for fuels. Palm fiber pellet mill can be used by individuals or factory. For individuals, they can produce palm fiber pellets for house use, like house heating, cooking and so on. While for factory, they produce pellets mainly for sale. The factory can sell the palm fiber pellets to anyone who needs the biomass energy, like the power station, central heating, etc. The working principle of palm fiber pellet mill is the same with other pellet mills. That is the palm fiber pellet making machine uses high pressure and high temperature to process the palm fiber with proper size and moisture into palm fiber pellets.

Raw Materials of Palm Fiber Pellet Mill

Palm fiber is one part of the palm, it attached to the surface of the palm layer by layer. Palm fiber is the sheath of the palm with the net shape. The original area is the western and central Africa. Malaysia and southeast Asia also grow a large number of palms. Palm is the most important economic plants, but every year, there will be 3 million tons of palm wastes that can not be handled efficiently of which there are about 0.4 million tons of palm. Most of them are end up land fill and burning, which not only waste the resource but also pollute the environment. So the palm fiber pellet mill make a great change to the status. It can turn the waste into treasures.
Palm Fiber              Palm Fiber
Palm Fiber Pellet Parameter
Item Value
Palm fiber pellet diameter 6mm-10mm
Moisture content <12%
Ash content =5%
Volatile content =75%
Carbon content =13%
Thermal value 4000kcal/kg

Palm Fiber Pellet Mill Production Line 

Palm fiber pellet mill production line consists of the following equipments, crusher/hammer mill, drying machine, palm fiber pellet mill, cooling machine and packing machine. The whole palm fiber pellet mill production line has a high degree of automation, which save the labor cost and improve the capacity of the pellet production line. As we all know, Malaysia is a big palm fiber production country, the large amount of palm fiber waits to be handled by the palm fiber pellet mill production line. And our company ABC Machinery has established several projects in Malaysia for the customer.
Palm Fiber Pellet Mill
Palm Fiber Pellet Mill
Main Parameters of Palm Fiber Pellet Mill
Model Capacity (kg/h) Power (kw) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
BPM420 1200-1500/1500-2000 90 2600*1000*2000 3400
BPM508 1500-1800/2000-2500 110 2990*1200*2410 4500

Palm Fiber Pellet Mill Advantages

  1. It solves the problems that the palm wastes can not be used efficiently.
  2. It produces palm fiber pellets as fuels supplying energy for people.
  3. Large capacity of palm fiber pellet mill takes great profit to people who own it.
  4. The finished products by palm fiber pellet mill are environment-friendly.
Why Choose ABC Machinery
ABC Machinery is a Chinese manufacturer and supplier of palm fiber pellet mill, who has gained the CE and ISO9000 certifications. So the quality is guaranteed. We produce the palm fiber pellet mill by ourselves, and we make checks at all levels making sure that each part of the machine is perfect without flaw. Besides, we adopt the superior materials to produce each pellet making machine, and the service life is longer. Our service is perfect, we will give you our honest service including after sale service. Mostly important, the palm fiber pellet mill price is absolutely reasonable, and it deserves your purchase.