Electric Pellet Mill for Biomass Pellets Better Than Fossil Fuels

Electric Pellet Mill Introduction

Electric pellet mill is on kind of the flat die pellet mills and the main power is motor. It can be used anywhere that is convenient to the electricity. Electric pellet mill is mainly used for small scale pellet production, like farm, home, etc. Except for producing fuels, electric pellet mill can also produce feed pellets,and it can process many kinds of raw materials, like wood, sawdust, rice husk, grass, twigs, etc. The yields are different for the raw materials types are different. There are several types of electric pellet mill and the production has many ranges for you to choose according to your own needs.

Types and Parameters of Electric Pellet Mill

electric pellet mill parameter
From the picture, we can see that one type is with enclosure, one is without enclosure, so what is the difference of the two kinds of electric pellet mills? Electric motor with enclosure is to guarantee the safety of the operator and to make the appearance beautiful. Maybe you would worry that the heat distribution is not better than the one without enclosure. Don’t worry. There are several holes on the cover, that is the heat distribution system which can reduce the inside temperature and guarantee the normal running of the machine.

Main Work Parts and Working Principle

The main parts of electric pellet mill are flat die and roller. And the roller is on the flat die. According to the difference of the driving part, electric pellet mill can be divided into R-type electric pellet mill and D-type electric pellet mill.
Working Principle of R-type
The upper roller moves under the driving of the main bearing, while the flat die keeps still, when the materials come into the chamber from the upper, the roller will push the materials into the pellet holes and press them into pellets.
R-type flat die pellet mill
Working Principle of D-type
It is opposite to the R-type electric pellet mill. The upper roller keeps still and the flat die rotates. When the materials go into the chamber, they will fall on the flat die, and the roller will push them into the die holes and press them into pellets.
D-type flat die pellet mill
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