From Waste to Fuel with Corn Straw Briquetting Machine

From Corn Straw to Briquettes

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From Corn Straw to Briquettes
Every year, there are plenty of corn straw produced on the farm, or in the countryside area, many people use them as fuel by directly burning them in daily life. With the increasingly worse of environment, direct burning is not allowed gradually any longer. While processing the corn straw into briquette can solve the problem caused by it. Chemically speaking, the briquette will be changed into plant ash which can be used as potash fertilizer after burning, thus is friendly to the environment, what you need is only one corn straw briquetting machine.

Corn Straw briquetting machine for Sale

Generally, corn straw briquetting machine is divided into two types including screw type and punching type, which also are the most popular type around the customers who want to make to make corn straw briquette used as fuel.
  • Screw Type
Screw type corn straw briquetting machine is designed with screw principle to use propeller for pushing the materials into the forming sleeve. With the mechanical stamping force, the corn straw is produced into briquettes with cylindrical or hollow center shapes.
screw type corn straw briquetting machine for sale
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Due to the high temperature and pressure in the forming process, the final produced corn straw briquette is with carbon surface, which is not the real charcoal though, screw type corn straw briquetting machine is also called charcoal briquette machine. If you want the real charcoal, you should put the final corn straw briquette into carbonization furnace and control the temperature and time to get the real charcoal fuel.

  • Punching Type
Differ from screw type, punching type corn straw briquetting machine adopts the principle of mechanical stamping force on the raw materials to make briquettes. The final briquette is in the shape of cylinders with different length and diameters. Also this type corn straw briquetting machine can not only make the raw material into sizes of briquettes, but also small size pellet. What you need to do is only to change the suitable pressing die.
punching type corn straw briquetting machine
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The Corn Straw Briquetting Machine Process

In common, from corn straw to corn straw briquette, it needs the following steps:  crushing, drying, briquetting, cooling, packing.
The corn straw briquetting machine process
  • Step1 Crushing
The corn straw with different shape and size should be put into the crushing machine to reduce its size into under 3mm, to fit the requirement of corn straw briquetting machine.
  • Step 2 Drying
Dryer is prepared to adjust the moisture content of corn straw into the suitable level, generally adjusting it around 12%.
  • Step 3 Briquetting
According to your requirement in final briquette size and actual condition, choose the most suitable type briquette machine, and if you want to produce different size of briquette fuel, remember to equip two and two more forming dies.
  • Step 4 Cooling
Due to the high temperature, the fresh corn straw briquette should be cooled to a suitable temperature, to get better storage.
  • Step 5 Packing
Packing is not very necessary in the production line. If you want to produce the briquette for sale, packing is necessary; while you make briquette for self use, it is not necessary.
For the detailed process steps, it is totally decided by your own equipments and your actual condition. We can customize the most suitable production project and solution for you, if you have any ideas, please contact us!