Homemade Small Pellet Mill for Pellet Fuels

What is homemade small pellet mill?

Homemade small pellet mill also called mini pellet mill machine is a kind of small biomass densification compressor. Under the high temperature and high pressure, small pellet mill can process various kinds of biomass raw materials into biomass pellets with high density and combustible rate. Compared with the original fuels, each components in the pellets has great changes. For example, the sulphur content and chlorin content in the pellets decrease to less than 0.07% and the ash content less than 1.5%, which has a great effect to the environmental protection.
 Biomass Pellet Fuels

What is the usage of mini pellet mill?

Mini pellet mill is mainly used in the small farm, small factory and home, it can produce pellet fuels for burning or biomass pellet for feeding. The heat produced by burning the pellets is for heating, cooking, power generation, etc. High heating capacity makes more and more people choose pellets for use. The feed pellets can be used to feed poultry and livestock, like chicken, duck and goose, etc. The feed pellets can be digest easily by the animals.
 usage of mini pellet mill

What is the classification of homemade small pellet mill?

From the aspect of power, the small pellet mill machine can be divided into electric pellet mill, diesel engine pellet mill, gasoline pellet mill and PTO pellet mill. Different users can choose the suitable mini pellet mill according to the different power systems. Generally speaking, the users who can connect the electric system will choose electric pellet mill, because the electric pellet mill has the advantages of easy operation, environment protection, abundant power and reasonable price. Diesel engine can used in the areas that has no electric system. It has to use diesel, but it is convenient to move any where for production.
classification of homemade small pellet mill
The end product of homemade small pellet mill is a kind of green and renewable energy source. Besides, the raw materials are abundant which eases the situation of the energy shortage. Homemade small pellet mill brings many users profits and convenience. The users give favorable comment to our mini pellet mill. Do you still hesitate? Homemade small pellet mill is absolutely the best choice for small scale pellet mill users. Come and choose your own small pellet mill machine! ABC Machinery is waiting for you!