How to Build Your Own Pellet Mill Plant

As far as building your own pellet plant, there are many factors that need to be considered, which is far more difficult than what people would think. Usually, before building the pellet mill plant, people will consider the raw materials firstly. That is of course needed to be considered, but actually the first thing you should consider is fund. Because the fund decides the scale of your pellet mill plant. If your fund is sufficient, you can choose to build a relatively large scale pellet mill plant of which the production is large.

Then how to build your own pellet mill plant? You can look the following steps as a reference.

1.The first paragraph has talked about the fund, you can decide the pellet plant scale according to your finance condition. There are large pellet mill line, small pellet mill line and mobile pellet mill line for you to choose.
large pellet mill line
Large Pellet Mill Line
mobile pellet mill line
Mobile pellet mill line
small pellet mill line
Small Pellet Mill Line

2.Then you should pay attention to the local raw materials situation. It is better for your pellet mill plant to be close to the raw materials and the materials must be enough which will help you to save a lot of costs like collection cost, transportation cost and so on. The form of the materials also affect the building process. For example, your pellet mill plant is close to the sawmill, and your raw materials are sawdust from it. So you needn’t grind the sawdust which helps you to save a processing step. If the raw materials are straw, twigs, peanut shells, etc, you need to grind them into granules.

3.The next factor that you need to consider is place. If the money is secured, and you decide to set up a large pellet mill plant, you should find a large place to contain your equipments for the pellet mill plant usually consists of crusher, dryer, conveyor, pellet mill, cooler, packager. They need enough place to set up. Besides, you have to make sure that it is convenient for that place to use electricity, which is an important power for the pellet mill plant.

4.For large pellet mill plant, the pellet mill line is automatic, which will save the labor costs, but the automatic pellet plant is much more expensive than the pellet plant that needs manual operation. So you can choose that according to your reality of situation.

5.Setting up pellet mill needs the professional technician to help you, for the installation and commission should be operated in the prescribed steps.

6.Usually the products produced in the pellet mill line are for sales. So you need to make good market research and find customers, which is the resource that your pellet mill plant survives. You should produce pellets according to the market needs, because more or less production for you is a loss.

After considering all the matters that affect your pellet plant building, you can begin your production and business. The bright prospect of pellets will take you a huge profit.