How to Make Sawdust Briquettes with Briquetting Press

Why Sawdust Briquettes?

Sawdust is produced during the wood process, even a little bit of wood produces sawdust. Especially in wood factory, furniture factory, there exists amount of sawdust. The sawdust is loose that it is difficult to collect and store, many people throw them into the stove for burning as fuel directly, which results amount of smoke produced. Also, due to its loose status, it burns fast that heat value loses a lot.
Sawdust to Briquettes
With the development of technology and renewable energy researching, people start to put their eyes on the sawdust. They have been processed the sawdust into solid density briquettes used as fuel. With the compression in the briquetting press, loose sawdust is produced into compact solid briquettes, which solves the problem of sawdust dealing, saving the space, reducing area occupation. Moreover, the sawdust briquette has high heat value with high density, burning fully without bad smoke produced during the combustion. More importantly, making sawdust into briquettes is not difficult, one briquetting machine can handle this work, learn how to make sawdust briquettes can help you to make sawdust briquette well, even in your backyard.

Briquetting Press Features

Before learning how to make sawdust briquettes, you should know the machinery used for making sawdust briquettes. It is called briquetting machine, designed for making sawdust into briquettes, you can also call it sawdust briquetting press. Our briquetting press for hot sale has two types, one is punching sawdust briquetting press, the other one is screw sawdust briquetting press, each type has its own features.
punching sawdust briquetting press
(punching sawdust briquetting press)
The punching briquetting press adopts machinery stamping force on the sawdust and forms them into solid cylindrical briquettes. It can not only make the sawdust briquettes but also the sawdust pellets, what you need to do is replacing the forming mould.
screw sawdust briquetting press
(screw sawdust briquetting press)
Differ to the punching type, the screw briquetting press adopts the screw to pushing the sawdust into the forming sleeve, producing the sawdust into cylindrical or hollow-center shapes. Due to the carbonizing surface of the finished briquettes, it is also called charcoal briquette, which is suitable for making charcoal fuel.
Both of these two types of briquette press can make out high quality briquettes, you can choose one of them according your requirements.

How to Make Sawdust Briquettes?

For making sawdust into briquette, except the sawdust briquetting press, sometimes some other machines need to use, like hammer mill, drying machine, cooling machine etc. But different situation of users requires different machinery, thus the processing is not exactly the same. (How to Make Sawdust Briquettes with Briquetting Productioan Line)
sawdust briquette production processing
(sawdust briquette production processing)
  • The first step is to prepare the raw materials well according to the requirements of the briquette press. The briquette press requires the moisture content of raw material should be kept in 12%-15% and the size should be less than 3mm, if your sawdust meets the requirements, you can make sawdust briquette directly; if the sawdust doesn’t meet the requirements, the hammer mill and drying machine are suggested to equip for saving the time.
  • After the sawdust is ready with meeting the requirement, the next processing can start, which means you can start to make sawdust briquette. When the power is turned on, put the prepared sawdust into the briquetting press, you can see the sawdust is formed into sawdust briquette magically. The size of the finished sawdust briquette can be changed by adjusting the forming sleeve size.
  • When the sawdust briquette is made out, it is in high temperature, thus it should be cooled before packing them into bags or boxes. If you make sawdust for your own use, you can put them in a cooling place for self temperature decrease; if you make sawdust briquette for sale, you had better equip the cooling machine and packing machine, thus making the quality of the sawdust briquette better and production efficiency higher.

Learning how to make sawdust briquettes needs the person to master machinery operation carefully, instead of only knowing the sawdust briquette production processing.
If you want to learn how to make sawdust briquettes with briquetting press, please contact us, we will offer you more information about the machinery.