How to Set Up Biofuel Briquette Project

Biofuel briquette project is one of the biomass complete machinery projects of ABC Machinery. The whole project is to process the raw materials into briquettes under the high automation situation, then the briquettes are cooled under the natural environment, then they can be packed. In the designing and construction of the whole project, ABC Machinery will try to make the customer satisfied.

Components and Working Principle of Biofuel Briquette Project

The main part of biofuel briquette project is briquetting machine, but the auxiliary machines are necessary too. Crushing machine is used to crush the raw materials into small pieces then the materials can go into the briquette machine. Drying machine is used before the briquette machine, it is used to control the moisture content of the raw materials. Too high or too low moisture content will affect the briquetting process and the briquettes quality. After the raw materials are prepared well, the briquette machine can start the process. The briquette machine will make the raw materials into briquettes with specific size, then the briquettes will be arranged at a place waiting to be cooled in the natural situation. After the briquette temperature falls to the environment temperature, you can use packing machine to pack the briquettes.
biofuel briquette project with punching briquette machine

Advantages of Biofuel Briquette Project

1. Biofuel briquette project has a higher automation, which reduces the labor cost and fasts the briquette producing speed.
2. The whole briquette plant is energy saving, which realizes the low cost producing high value.
3. The biofuel briquette project is suitable for the area where there is a lot of agricultural wastes or other biomass wastes.
4. The biofuel briquette project can process many kinds of raw materials, such as groundnut shells, sawdust, agricultural wastes, forestry wastes, etc.
5. The machine of ABC Machinery is durable, so the service life time is long, and it can produce more profits to the owner.
biofuel briquette project with screw briquette machine
Matters Needing Attention
  • Before operating the machine, the operators should be trained until they master the operating skills.
  • The lubricating parts should be added lubricating oil in time for fear that it will affect the production.
  • Different raw materials have different moisture content requirement, so the operator should process the raw materials according to the actual situation.
Setting up your own biofuel briquette project is not so easy but it is not so difficult as you imagine. As long as the fund is enough and the plant building meets the requirement, ABC Machinery will help customers to build the biofuel briquette project and teach the customer to operate the whole briquette plant until they master the skills. If you are interested in our products, please fill in the following chart to tell us, we will reply on you in 24 hours. It will be very glad to cooperate with you.